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Table of Contents

Tips & Techniques4

Must-Have Bar Clamps 8

These clamps are the number one way to get great results on a wide range of glueups.

You can order bar clamps from most woodworking retailers. They are often sold at home centers and hardware stores, as well.

Right-Size Your Router10

Bigger isn't always better. Match the router to the task for top-notch success.

The three types of routers shown in the article (compact, mid-size, and production routers) from a variety of tool manufacturers are available at home centers, hardware stores, and online retailers, such as Amazon.

Compact Wine Rack14

Although this wine rack looks like some sort of puzzle, there's nothing complicated about the joinery. Simple half laps make it an easy build.

You won't need any hardware to build the wine rack, but you will need stain and finish. The rack was stained with our custom cherry stain consisting of three parts Zar cherry stain and one part Woodkote Jel'd cherry stain. This was followed with two coats of satin spray lacquer.

Kitchen Cabinets18

Building a set of kitchen cabinets is on most woodworkers' "bucket list." Our kitchen cabinet design keeps the construction simple and gives you plenty of options for customization.

  • Rockler rockler.com 800-279-4441
    Blumotion Drawer Slides … Varies
    Blumotion for Doors … Varies
    LED Lighting Kits … Varies

To achieve the look of the cabinets shown in this article, we suggest using riftsawn red oak stained with Varathane’s Gunstock Oil Stain. Two coats of semi-gloss lacquer will protect the cabinets for years to come.

Shop Notebook30

Classic Oak Bed32

This elegant oak bed is the second piece in our bedroom suite. It features a number of classic details, but with updated construction techniques, building it is a breeze.

  • Page 39: Item H
    Item H in the materials & supplies list should read as follows: Headboard End Caps (2) 5/16 x 2-1/4 - 50 rgh.

The bed was stained with with Varathane Gunstock Premium Wood Stain (made by Rust-Olemum) and then sprayed with two coats of semi-gloss lacquer.

Routing Classic Box Joints40

Learn the best way to create box joints at the router table. Plus, we show you a new idea.

  • Page 40: Main illustration
    The 11/16" dimension shown at the lower corner of the Sled Base should instead be 1 9/16".
  • Page 40: Main illustration
    The Adjustable Fence and Backing Board are both 3/4" thick, and the counterbore is 5/8"-dia. x 3/8" deep.

Scrapers, the Secret Weapon44

The key to a super-smooth surface is just an ordinary card scraper and the right technique.

Limed Oak Finish46

Give your next oak project a unique look with this old-fashioned finish.

Most stain manufacturers offer a liming stain. You can usually find these at home centers, hardware stores, or wherever finishing supplies are sold.

Ogee Crown Molding48

Make your own custom crown molding by following a simple table saw technique.

Final Details52

  • Page 51: Kitchen Cabinets Sources
    The sources recommend using General Finishes’ Gunstock Oil Stain. This should be Varthane's Gunstock Oil Stain.
  • Page 51: Oak Bed Sources
    The stain listed for the Oak Bed (General Finishes’ Gunstock Oil Stain) is incorrect. The correct stain is Varathane Gunstock Premium Wood Stain (made by Rust-Olemum). The following source should also be included in the right margin: Rust-Oleum 877-385-8155 rustoleum.com.