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Table of Contents

Tips & Techniques4

Premium Plywood8

Whether you're building shop jigs or furniture, here are a few types of high-quality plywood that every woodworker should know about.

Baltic birch and AraucoPly can usually be found at most home centers. Europly and ApplePly are a little more difficult to find. To locate a dealer, see the sources listed below.

Vacuum Press10

Learn how to add a simple vacuum clamping system to your shop. Despite what you may think, it’s surprisingly easy and affordable.

In addition to the hardware kits, Veneer Supplies provides easy-to-follow instructions with photos and tips for a successful vacuum project.

Through Mortises14

Because they're visible, through mortises require a close fit and careful attention to detail. We share our secrets here.

Music Box16

Although small in size, this music box is certain to make a big impact. The carefully crafted box is topped with a lid featuring banding and a marquetry panel.

  • Page 21: Materials, Supplies & Cutting Diagram
    The supply list calls for a piece of 4" x 7" marquetry veneer for the top of the box. That length is insufficient; it should be 4" x 7 1/2".
  • Page 19: Figure 3
    The illustration calls out a 3/32" Roman ogee bit, but it should be a 5/32" Roman ogee bit. (The Sources information lists the correct size bit.)

To finish the music box, I started with a coat of General Finishes' Seal-a-Cell. After letting that dry for a couple of days, I sprayed the box with two coats of lacquer.

Step-Back Bookcase22

This stylish bookcase consists of a large center case flanked by two smaller cases. You can build all three or just the main case.

The cove molding used on the bookcase is Ferche F606. There's a dealer locator on the web site listed below. The bookcase is painted with Benjamin Moore "Andes Summit." The back planks are finished with three coats of lacquer.

Shop Notebook30

Greene & Greene Table32

Springing from the Craftsman tradition, Greene & Greene furniture is known for contoured edges, flowing lines, and plugged joints. This table is a faithful representation.

The only hardware needed to build the hall table is an assortment of screws and washers. The table was finished with a coat of General Finishes' Seal-a-Cell followed by two coats of satin spray lacquer.

Working with Small Parts44

Safety is the name of the game when making small parts. Here are some tips for getting results that are both safe and accurate.

  • Page 45: Small Miter Box
    The description of the small miter box should say that the box has guides for 30-degree, 45, and 90-degree cuts.

Oil Stains46

You'll find oil stains on the shelves of just about any hardware store or home center. Learn how to make them look their best.

Inlays, Banding & Marquetry48

Inlays and banding are a great way to dress up a project. We'll take a look at the basic techniques you need to get started.

Final Details52