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Learn more about this versatile material and how it's manufactured.

Safety Glasses10

With so many options, you're sure to find a pair of safety glasses you'll actually wear.

  • Safety Glasses USA

The other glasses in the article are available from Rockler and Woodcraft and can be found at most hardware stores and home centers.

Incra Build-It System12

Make a variety of different jigs with this unique system of components.

The Incra Build-It System Starter Kit mentioned on page 12, as well as various other individual components of the system, are available from a number of online retailers listed below, including Rockler, Amazon, Lee Valley, and Woodcraft. They are also available for purchase at the Woodsmith Store.

3 Ways to Make Tapers14

See how to cut simple, accurate tapers using a table saw, band saw, or jointer.

No-Miter Picture Frames16

Make great-looking picture frames without any fussy miter joints this weekend! We'll show you how with six distinct design options.

The glass, posterboard, turnbuttons, and sawtooth hangers for the frames were purchased at a local hardware store. The frame cutout (page 20) is stained with General Finishes Mahogany oil stain. All the frame parts are finished with three coats of Minwax Fast-Drying Spray Polyurethane in satin.

Blanket Chest22

Inspired by a Shaker design, this chest has all the right elements — solid-wood construction, cope and stick joinery, and plenty of storage.

The cope and stick router bit set used to cut the frame joinery for the chest is made by Timberline (440-14) and can be purchased at the Woodsmith Store. The set can also be purchased through Amazon or other online suppliers.

The finish applied to the chest simply consists of one coat of wiping varnish followed by two coats of spray lacquer.

Shop Notebook30

Revolving Bookcase 32

The innovative, rotating design of this bookcase provides four individual compartments to keep your favorite books close at hand.

  • Page 35: Illustration, Routing the Cove, detail a
    The part labels D and C are reversed. The drawing should show the cove being routed on part D with part C shown below it.
  • Page 40: Plastic Guide Source
    The source for the plastic guides shown on page 40 was omitted. The glides used were from Rockler, part number 26438. They are actually 3/4" diameter, not 1" as shown in the art on page 40.

Cope & Stick Joinery42

Discover how to create perfect-fitting door frames with just a pair of router bits.

Biscuit Joiners44

Rediscover the benefits of biscuit joinery and learn how to make the most out of it.

Plane Myths48

Sorting fact from fiction when it comes to hand planes can be a real challenge. Until now.

Q & A -- Dust Collection50

Final Details52