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Table of Contents

Tips & Techniques4

Modern Woodscrews8

Today's woodscrews are stronger, easier to drive, and available for any woodworking task.

Steam Bending Secrets10

An inexpensive kit from Rockler makes it easy to make curved project parts.

Hybrid Dovetails14

This router table and hand tool method for cutting tails and pins creates a hand-cut look.

Lap Desk16

Here's a project that brings to mind a simpler time. This design was taken from the pages of history and might make you want to pull out your stationery and write a letter.

Page 17: Top illustration

The long dimension of Part A (side) should be 12 1/4", not 16" as originally printed. The materials list on page 21 is correct.

Page 20: Main illustration

The dimension of the Drawer Front (Part J) should be 8 1/2", not 5 1/2" as originally printed.

Closet Organizer22

If there's a place for everything, you stand a better chance of keeping everything in its place. This easy-to-build set of modular closet components will help you do just that.

Online Extras

Shop Notebook30

Display Cabinet32

With beveled glass, built-in lighting, and a sliding door, this cabinet puts your collection on display. But the solid joinery and shop-made moldings show off your craftsmanship.

Table Saw Cove Molding42

Make your own cove molding with this simple table saw technique.

Grinding Edge Tools44

A hollow-ground bevel is the key to quicker sharpening. A bench grinder is the answer.

Wiping Varnish46

By mixing your own wiping varnish, you can be sure of getting the results you want.

Stronger Miter Joints48

Learn a few twists on making miter joints that will last a lifetime.

Q & A -- Mortiser Tips50

Final Details52