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Table of Contents

Tips & Techniques4

Choosing Pine8

Often considered a second-class material, pine is a great choice for a wide range of projects.

Big Impact Shop Mats10

Working on an unforgiving floor can be tough. A shop mat is the way to happy feet.

Hard rubber, interlocking floor tiles similar to the ones shown in the article are available in several different sizes and thicknesses from GreatMats.com.

General Mortise & Tenon Jig12

With some easy upgrades, this low-cost jig will create top-notch mortise and tenon joints.

Small Box Hinge Hardware16

Here are some simple solutions for installing small box hinges on your next project.

The hinges featured in this article were purchased from several sources. Rockler carries a large selection of small butt hinges, continuous hinges, and barrel hinges. Lee Valley stocks several sizes of Brusso hinges. The barbed hinges and slotting saw blades and arbor were purchased from Woodcraft.

Heirloom Flag Case18

Here's a great way to feature a presentation flag. To create a truly unique project, you can build a stylish base to match or add a lid to hold awards and decorations.

The flag case was stained with General Finishes' Brown Mahogany gel stain and finished with two coats of lacquer. The brass, glass, foamcore board, and fabric were purchased locally.

Wall-Mounted Desk26

This hanging desk is the perfect choice for adding a small office work area on any wall. The compact design provides an ample worksurface with drawers for storage.

  • Page 30: Bracket End and Support Arm Patterns
    The grids for each drawing contain one square too many (15 instead of 14). The dimensions shown in the illustrations are correct; only the grid sizes are wrong.
  • Page 31: Cubby Side Pattern
    The grid for the drawing contains one square too many (15 instead of 14). The dimensions shown in the illustration is correct; only the grid size is wrong.

Online Extras

Shop Notebook32

Adjustable Shop Stool34

Every shop needs a stool -- and this one is top-notch. You can adjust the height with a simple spin of the comfortable, scooped seat. Plus, the elegant design means you'll want to build a few for inside the house, as well.

  • Page 42: Main illustration
    The inside diameter of the apron ring should be 10", not 10 3/4" as originally printed.
  • Page 37: Leg Profile Pattern
    In the leg template, the scale says 1 square= 1/4". It should be 1 square = 1".

The stool was given a single coat of wiping varnish and sprayed with two coats of lacquer.

Dado Blade Basics44

To get the most from your dado set, check out these great tips and techniques.

Outdoor Finishes46

Learn more about the best finishes for protecting your outdoor projects.

Perfect Proportions48

Getting a design just right doesn't have to be a challenge. This key is a simple principle.

Q & A -- Bench Grinders50

Norton 3X grinding wheels are available in a range of sizes and grits from Amazon, Tools for Working Wood, and Woodcraft.

Final Details52