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Table of Contents

Tips & Techniques4

Maple -- A Versatile Hardwood8

When it comes to hardwoods, this one has it all -- beauty, durability, and utility.

Kreg Shelf Pin Drilling Jig12

Drilling accurately located and spaced holes for shelf pins is easy with this new jig.

  • Kreg Tool
    Kreg Shelf Pin Jig KMA3200

Tools for Smoothing & Shaping14

Old-school files and rasps are must-have tools for shaping curves and contours.

Rasps and files are available through most woodworking dealers. The rasps and files shown in the article were purchased from Lee Valley, Woodcraft, and the Woodsmith Store.

Template Routing Basics16

Your router table and a template are the keys to creating identically shaped parts.

Craftsman-Style Clock18

Straight-grained oak combined with simple lines makes this a great-looking, Craftsman-style project. But it's the hand-made, ceramic tile that really makes it stand out.

  • Page 23: Text reference to drawing
    The last line of text in the final paragraph on page 22 wraps around to page 23 when it should not. The text in parentheses is a reference to a drawing that appears in the How-To box at the bottom of page 22.
  • Page 21: Main Illustration; Detail 'd'
    The 3/4" dimension is inaccurate.
  • Page 21: Bevel the Top; Detail 'a'
    The 8° angle for the saw blade tilt is incorrect; it should be 10°.
  • Page 21: Text, second column
    The 8° angle for the saw blade tilt is incorrect; it should be 10°.

The clock was stained with Varathane Oil Stain (Mission Oak) and then sprayed with two coats of lacquer.

Diamond Bookcase24

Style and storage come together to create this contemporary bookcase. The modular assembly makes it easy to build. And inexpensive materials ensure it won’t break the bank.

  • Page 25: Materials, Supplies & Cutting Diagram
    The project requires 4 (four) of the 1 x 6 1/2 x 96 poplar boards, not the 2 (two) shown as originally printed.

The diamond bookcase was stained with General Finishes' Gel Stain (Java). Then it was sprayed with two coats of lacquer. The feet were painted with a chrome spray paint.

Shop Notebook30

Demilune Table32

The look and style of this table might lead you to believe it's difficult to build. But the techniques are really simple. Plus, the figured veneer and bowfront drawer make it a one-of-a-kind project.

The spray contact adhesive we used to attach the veneer is 3M's Hi-Strength 90. It's available at most home centers and hardware stores. To finish the table, we applied a coat of General Finishes' Seal-a-Cell to give the project a warm tone, followed by two coats of lacquer.

Tips for Buying Lumber44

With this guide, you'll be well on your way to buying the best lumber for your projects.

Choosing the Right Finish46

Learn a few handy hints for selecting a finish for your next woodworking project.

Perfecting the Miter48

Cutting gap-free miters is always a challenge. Here’s how to master them.