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Table of Contents

Tips & Techniques4

Page 4: Rack divider and Detail b art

The angle shown for the Rack Divider and the table saw blade angle in detail 'b' should read 67.5°. The 22.5° measurement shown is the complementary angle.

Cabinet Lighting8

Find out what you need to know to select the right style of lighting for your next project.

Hand Drills10

Every shop needs a drill. Here's what to consider when choosing one for your shop.

Tapering Jig12

This versatile jig makes tough table saw cuts a lot quicker, easier, and safer.

Veneering Large Panels14

Learn the simple secrets to successfully veneering large surfaces.

Online Extras

Curved Handle Serving Tray18

Round up some of those special scraps you've been saving and pencil in this eye-catching project for your next open weekend.

Veneered Credenza22

The "retro" styling of this handsome project is a nod to the not-too-distant past. It's a great opportunity to try something a little different.

Shop Notebook32

Curio Cabinet34

If you're a collector, this is a project you won't want to pass up -- practical, attractive, and guaranteed to be an enjoyable shop experience.

Building Better Drawers42

Smooth-working drawers don't happen by accident. Make it a sure thing every time.

Perfect Band Saw Cuts44

We share some helpful tips for making dead-on, freehand cuts at the band saw.

Finishing Poplar46

We'll show you how the right finish can make this low-cost wood look like a million bucks.

Setting Construction Goals48

Paying attention to the right details is all it takes to build a great-looking project.


Final Details52