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Table of Contents

Tips & Techniques4

7 High Tech Hinges8

These hinges solve challenging hardware problems on almost any project.

Benchtop Router Tables10

A compact package doesn't mean sacrificing full-size routing capabilities.

Online Extras

Page 11: Online Extra - Quick & Easy Router Table

The diagram contains a part labeled "U" but the project does not have a part U. It should be removed from the cutting diagram.

Wolfcraft Drill Guide12

Inexpensive and easy-to-use, this drill guide makes drilling straight, square holes a snap.

Perfect Fitting Box Joints14

Create tight-fitting box joints with a simple table saw jig and step-by-step instructions.

Countertop Wine Rack18

Looking for a small project with a ton of style? This countertop wine rack features classic woodworking and custom details.

Online Extras

Classic Four Poster Bed24

Inexpensive materials and simple construction make this bed an easy build. The details and finish give it a timeless look.

Page 30: Illustrations and text

In the first two drawings, the part called out as "(L) Rail Cap", should actually be "(N) Bed Rail Caps". The two blocks of text below those illustrations should refer to the part as "bed rail" as well.

Page 31: Materials, Supplies & Cutting Diagram

The cutting diagram should list four boards are needed to create 8 Outer Layers (B), as shown in the second board from the top.

Shop Notebook32

Step Back Cupboard34

This cupboard features some great design elements that tie everything together: fine proportions, a beadboard back, a raised panel door, and traditional hardware.

Page 36: Detail d

Detail 'd' dimensions the cutout for the bottom of the side. The 3" dimension on the left side of the drawing should be measured from the back edge of the side and not the inside corner of the rabbet. The leader line and arrow should be moved or the number changed to 2 1/2".

Tips for Buying Lumber44

Learn the ins and outs of getting the most for your money when buying lumber online.

Working with Milk Paint46

This unique finish might be the solution to creating a one-of-a-kind project.

The Versatile Chamfer48

Simple to create but complex in its uses, here's what you need to know about chamfers.