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Tips & Techniques4

Sanding Profiles & Contours8

Take a look at a few handy accessories that take the drudgery out of sanding curves.

The flap sanders, sanding mops, and discs shown in the article on page 8 came from Klingspor's Woodworking Shop. They have a large assortment of sandpaper and sanding accessories. The Dremel Abrasive Brush is available wherever Dremel tools and accessories are sold.

Compact Routers10

These mighty routers offer a surprising range of features in an easy-to-handle package.

Both of the routers featured on page 10 are new models that were just released this year. They are available from woodworking dealers that carry DeWalt and Porter-Cable tools.

Hardware Installation Jigs12

Here's a quick and accurate way to add knobs and pulls to your projects.

Any of the jigs shown on page 12 will make installing door and drawer pulls or knobs a lot easier. The Drawer Pull JIG-IT is available from Rockler (37268). The Euro Handle-It (EUR-005) and the Perfect Mount for Drawers (BH14810) are both sold through Klingspor's Woodworking Shop.

Marking Gauge14

Here's your chance to work on an interesting project that you'll also be able to put to use in your shop nearly every day.

Online Extras

The marking gauge on page 14 requires just a couple of small hardware items. We purchased the knurled brass knob (70003) from Rockler. The brass stock used for the wear strip can be found at most hardware stores or home centers.

Sliding Door Wall Shelf18

Simple, knock-down construction and a clean, uncluttered look guarantee this practical project will go together in a flash.

  • Page 21: Text
    In the copy with the bold lead "Fasteners." In the first paragraph, the last sentence currently reads: "Then all you need to do is turn the case with a Phillips screwdriver to pull everything tight." It should read: "Then all you need to do is turn the cam with a Phillips screwdriver to pull everything tight." In the next paragraph, the last sentence currently reads: "I glued and screwed each shelf to a it’s rail and then attached the sides to the shelves and rails, adding the center divider in the process." It should read: "I glued and screwed each shelf to its rail and then attached the sides to the shelves and rails, adding the center divider in the process."

To build the bookshelf on page 18, you'll need some Minifix fasteners (22161) and a plastic sliding door track (10007). We purchased both of these items from Rockler. For the frosted glass doors, we went to a local glass shop.

The bookshelf was stained with a mix of three parts Zar cherry stain and one part WoodKote Jel'd Stain (cherry). Then it was finished with two coats of spray lacquer.

Contoured Keepsake Box22

Building this attractive lidded box will give you a chance to pull out all the stops. The small size keeps it all manageable.

  • Page 27: Materials, Supplies & Cutting Diagram
    Two Corrections: (1) The continuous brass hinge should be 780mm, not 800mm as originally printed. The part number on the sources page is correct. (2) The supplies list indicates just one piece of veneer for the lid; however to cover both faces requires two pieces.
  • Page 27: Materials List
    Clarification: The continuous hinge from Lee Valley calls for a #2 screw, but for this project we used a #1 screw because it was a better fit. The materials list and sources information are both correct.
  • Page 27: Cutting diagram
    The cutting diagram shows a piece of 12" x 48" plywood is needed for the bottom and lid panel. However the piece should be 12" x 24".

All of the hardware used for the contoured-side box on page 22 is available from Lee Valley. This includes the hinge (00D52.16), hinge screws (91Z01.02X), ball chain (00G40.01), chain end anchors (00G42.15), and brass chain screws (91Y04.02X). The felt used to line the box can be purchased at a fabric store.

To finish the box, we wiped on a coat of General Finishes' Seal-a-Cell and then sprayed on two coats of lacquer.

Shop Notebook28

Entertainment Center30

Don't let the large size fool you. Classic details, no-fuss joinery, and low-cost materials come together in a great-looking project.

  • Page 51: Sources
    The catalog number listed for the hinges is incorrect. The correct number should be 00B15.34.
  • Page 33: Materials, Supplies & Cutting Diagram
    The Supplies section calls for three 48" x 96" sheets of 3/4" Birch plywood; however the project requires five sheets.
  • Page 33: Materials, Supplies & Cutting Diagram
    The project requires three sheets of 1/4" plywood, not two as originally printed.

Nearly all of the hardware for the entertainment center on page 30 was purchased from Lee Valley. This includes the drawer slides (02K42.20 and 02K42.12), hinges (00B15.34), door dampers (00B17.32), pulls (02W40.54), connector bolts (00N16.30), and bolt caps (00N20.12). The antique brass shelf pins (22765) are available from Rockler.

We used two different stain colors (both from General Finishes) on this project. The doors, drawer fronts, shelves, and top of the base cabinet were stained with Georgian Cherry. The rest of the project was stained with Java. Once the stain was dry, everything was sprayed with two coats of lacquer.

Plywood on the Table Saw42

Learn the secret to cutting perfectly sized project parts from full sheets of plywood.

Shoulder Planes44

Find out why his classic plane is one of the most valuable hand tools in the shop.

Using Paste Wax46

This easy-to-use product offers a great way to protect and enhance the look of your projects.

Scratch Stock48

Create custom beads and other molding profiles with this traditional shop-made tool.

Online Extras

  • Make Your Own Scratch Stock
    Here's a design for a basic scratch stock that you can make in less than half an hour. All you need is a block of hardwood, a piece of steel for the cutter, and a few ordinary woodscrews.


Final Details52