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Tips & Techniques4

Metal Drawer Slides8

Learn why metal slides provide a handy, versatile option for installing drawers.

Metal drawer slides, like those shown on page 8, are available at most hardware stores and home centers. The spacers and rear mounting brackets came from Lee Valley and Rockler.

Bench Grippers10

You're guaranteed to find a load of uses for these new benchtop accessories.

When it comes to bench grippers, you have a number of choices. Rockler sells the original Bench Cookies and Bench Cookies Plus, as well as the risers, storage rack, and cones.

The Wolf Paw grippers are available from Woodworker's Supply and the Loc-Blocks are sold through Peachtree Woodworking. Contact information for these companies is listed below.

Digital Angle Gauges12

These easy-to-use, inexpensive gadgets make precise tool setups a snap.

A digital angle gauge is a simple way to increase the accuracy of your woodworking. The gauges shown in the article on page 12 are available from the sources shown below.

Perfect Edge Profiles14

Here are the tips and techniques you need to rout crisp edge profiles at the router table.

Cottage-Style Storage Cabinet16

Bathroom storage has never looked better - or been more practical. But the best thing about this project is that straightforward construction gets the job done in a flash.

The hardware used to build the cottage storage cabinet on page 16 came from Rockler. This includes the knobs (26244), shelf pins (22773), magnetic catches (26559), and no-mortise hinges (49393). The bun feet (303-BF.SM) are from Classic Designs by Matthew Burak. The paint used on the cabinet is Benjamin Moore's "Monroe Bisque."

Craft Center22

The expansive worksurface and abundant storage make this project a gift from crafter's heaven. However, you'll find that all the woodworking is very down to earth.

The craft center on page 22 requires quite a few hardware items. The threaded inserts (00N11.13), connector bolts (00N16.30), hinges (00B15.24), door stops (00B17.34) and drawer slides (02K42.10) all came from Lee Valley. The knobs used on the doors and drawers are from Reid Supply (ESP-285).

The painted portions of the craft center were painted with Benjamin Moore's "Raspberry Truffle." The unpainted parts were simply finished with a couple coats of lacquer.

Shop Notebook30

Kitchen Workstation32

Which is the top draw -- the versatility that will turn this project into the hub of activity in your kitchen, or the handsome appearance that will make it the center of attention?

In addition to some screws and washers, there are a few other items you'll need to build the kitchen workstation on page 32. The turned legs (505-29T.CH) were purchased from Classic Designs by Matthew Burak. The knobs (02G11.21) and drawer slides (02K42.18) came from Lee Valley. And we turned to Rockler for the casters (35377).

The cherry portions of the cart were stained with a mix of three parts Zar cherry stain and one part WoodKote Jel'd Stain (cherry). After spraying on a coat of lacquer, we applied a coat of General Finishes' Gel Stain (Java) as a glaze. Then the whole project was given a couple more coats of lacquer.

Edge Grain Top40

Diamond Plate Sharpening44

You'd be hard pressed to find a faster sharpening method. We'll tell you why.

Long-lasting diamond plates are a practical option compared to other sharpening methods. They're available from several of the sources listed below.

Spraying Water-Based Finish46

The combination of water-based finish and an HVLP spray system is hard to beat.

Table Top Edges48

We'll show you how to complement a design by choosing the right edge profile.

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Final Details52