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Table of Contents

Tips & Techniques4

Task Lighting8

One of the easiest ways to improve your woodworking is to shine some light on the subject.

Task lighting is a great way to add extra light right where you need it. The LED Work Light (26429) and Magnifiying Head (23061) shown on page 8 are both sold by Rockler. The Delta work light is available from Amazon, the Woodsmith Store, and other tool dealers who carry Delta products.

23-Gauge Pin Nailers10

If you think fastening small pieces of trim is a big pain, you'll want to try a pin nailer.

When it comes to attaching moldings, glass stop, or other small parts, a pin nailer is an invaluable tool. They're available from several online tool dealers.

Infinity Dado Jig12

Want to rout perfect-fitting dadoes every time? Then take a look at this easy-to-use jig.

The Precision Dado Jig (PDJ-100) featured on page 12 is available directly from the manufacturer, Infinity Cutting Tools. Their information appears below.

The spiral downcut bit shown with the jig is available from several different router bit manufacturers. You can purchase them through a number of woodworking supply catalogs.

Template Routing14

We'll show you a foolproof way to make a seamless joint between curved parts.

Template routing is a great technique for creating mating arcs or curves in two workpieces. The technique relies on a router bit with a 1-3/8"-dia. bearing fixed at the shank. We purchased our bearing (232) from MLCS. Included with the bearing is a stop collar and hex wrench.

Pizza Peel16

Which is more appealing -- the interesting woodworking that goes into this project, or putting it to use afterwards? It's a toss-up.

Online Extras

The pizza peel on page 16 doesn't require any hardware. However, since the peel will be used with food and washed occasionally, you'll want to select a finish that's food safe and easy to maintain. For this reason, we went with a wipe-on oil finish (General Finishes' Salad Bowl Finish). It's food safe after drying for 72 hours.

Craftsman-Style Book Rack20

This project will surprise you. On the surface, the Craftsman-style details appear to present a challenge. But in reality, it's a breeze to build.

Other than a few woodscrews, you won't need any special hardware for the book rack on page 20. To finish the rack, we stained it with Zar's honey maple stain and then sprayed on a couple coats of lacquer.

Gathering Table24

Friends and family will all enjoy this attractive and practical project. And the best part is, it goes together in a snap.

Aside from the commonly available screws, nuts, and washers, the hardware for the gathering table on page 24 came from Rockler. This includes the figure-8 fasteners (21650) and the hanger bolts (24448).

The base of the table was stained with General Finishes' Gel Stain (Java). Then the entire table was finished with a couple coats of spray lacquer.

For the two Designer’s Notebook options on page 29, we used legs purchased from Classic Designs by Matthew Burak (303-LV36 and 304-B36). To rout the profile on the edge of the classic table, we used a thumbnail profile bit (8559) from MLCS.

Shop Notebook30

Notebook Computer Desk32

Here's a project that's a perfect fit with today's scaled-down lifestyle. Compact and efficient, this stylish desk has everything you need.

  • Page 39: Main illustration
    A callout on the left-hand side of the drawing was clipped and is not fully visible. It should read 3/32" chamfers.

To build the desk on page 32, you'll need a pair of Soss hinges (26526), a pair of twin pin hinges (26765) and some tabletop fasteners (34215). These are all available from Rockler.

For the finish, we first stained the desk with a mixture of three parts Zar stain (cherry) and one part WoodKote Jel’d Stain (cherry). Then we sprayed the desk with two coats of lacquer.

Locking Miter Joint42

Create strong, invisible miters on your table saw with this little-known woodworking joint.

Using a Smoothing Plane44

This traditional hand tool deserves a place in every woodworker's tool cabinet.

Finishing Solvents46

Knowing the ins and outs of finishing solvents can guarantee a better result.

The Right Mortise & Tenon48

Learn what you need to know to choose the right variation of this fundamental joint.


Final Details52

  • Page 1: Cover blurb
    The cover blurb in the upper left corner contains a misspelled word. The blurb should read "Shop Secret for Super-Strong Miter Joint."