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Table of Contents

Tips & Techniques4

Microplane Rasps8

Learn everything you need to know to put this handy tool to work on your projects.

5 Favorite Router Accessories10

See how a few inexpensive add-ons can make your router more productive.

Handy Clamping Tricks12

We'll show you a few, simple techniques that make assemblies go easier and turn out better.

Shop-Made Inlay Banding14

The technique is surprisingly straightforward and the end result is pretty impressive.

Inlaid Picture Frame18

Here's a chance to put an interesting, new technique - shop-made inlay - to practical use. It's a quick project that looks fantastic.

Page 19: Left Illustration

Left drawing in the How-To Box at the bottom of page 19: The 1/8 dimension should be 1/4. The 1/16 dimension should be 1/8.

Craftsman-Style Wall Mirror20

This wall mirror has everything you expect from a Craftsman-style project. It features traditional joinery, simple details, and a practical design.

Page 22: Location of shelf

Clarification: The location dimension for the shelf on the Wall Mirror is not specified. It should measure 4 3/4" from the bottom edge of the shelf to the bottom edge of the stiles. The art on page 21 does indicate the location of the countersunk holes to drill, and the shelf is centered from side to side.

Page 22: Sidebar

The sidebar refers readers to page 31 to learn how to make cove moldings on the table saw, but that information is really on page 30.

Page 23: Main illustration

The specific locations for the half laps for the muntins (part K) are not detailed in the drawing. They should be located to create four equally spaced openings.

Woven-Seat Bench24

What could be better than building a project that offers a comfortable place to rest? This attractive, sturdy bench definitely fills the bill.

Page 28: Materials, Supplies & Cutting Diagram

The short seat rail (E) should be 1 1/2 x 1 1/2 x 14. The part is shown with the correct dimensions in the drawing on page 26.

Shop Notebook30

Cherry Sideboard32

The look is impressive. But there's a lot more here. A quality woodworking experience and loads of storage round out the appeal.

Page 41: Materials, Supplies and Cutting Diagram

Cutting Diagram: The fourth board down in the left column shows an additional workpiece at the bottom of the board that should not be there. All parts are accounted for in the materials list.

Sizing Parts on the Table Saw42

The first step to a top-notch project is accurately sized parts. Here’s how to get it done.

The Versatile Disk Sander44

When it comes to shaping parts quickly, easily, and accurately, this power tool tops them all.

Brushing on Varnish46

The best way to apply a durable, attractive varnish finish is the traditional way.

Sectioned Columns48

This traditional design feature is a great way to add another level of sophistication to your work.

Q & A50

Final Details52