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Table of Contents

Tips & Techniques4

Choosing the Right Glass8

The combination of wood and glass is hard to beat. Here’s how to make it work.

Rotary Tool Routing10

We'll show you how to get an even bigger bang from this common and versatile shop tool.

Foolproof Fluting12

Take a look at a couple of jigs that take the guesswork out of routing perfectly spaced flutes.

Making Dentil Molding14

A little time at the table saw and a simple jig is all it takes to make this traditional molding.

Candle Stands16

This eye-catching project gives you the chance to fill an idle weekend with a healthy dose of straightforward woodworking. You'll have the candle stands up and glowing in short order.

Page 18: Middle detail

The the routing direction in the detail is incorrect. The arrow should point the opposite direction, and the note should read: "NOTE: Move template clockwise around bit."

Keepsake Boxes20

The unique look of these beautiful boxes is guaranteed to draw attention. But that's only part of the story. Building one or both is sure to raise the level of your skills a notch or two.

Page 26: Instructions and art for plywood top and bottom

Clarification: Because plywood is not a full 3/4" thick, when you glue up the six pieces each for the top and bottom panels, as the plans indicate, the panels will be about 4 1/4" wide -- not the 4 1/2" as the drawings show. To obtain 4 1/2" panels: (1) Start by trimming the outer ply off of each edge of the top and bottom panels. (2) Then glue another strip of plywood to each edge. Removing the outer ply lets you keep the same "dark/light" pattern in the plywood without creating a thick, "double" joint line. (3) Carefully trim each edge to create a panel that's 4 1/2" wide and keeps the handle centered in the top panel.

Shop Notebook28

Traditional Oak Bookcase30

The classic design of this bookcase is a bit deceptive. The techniques, joinery and materials used to build it are thoroughly modern. It goes together easily and will last a lifetime.

Large Profile Bits40

Learn how to use these large bits to make factory-quality moldings on the router table.

Hand Sanding42

When completing a project, hand sanding is the key to a smooth surface that's ready for finish.

Top-Notch Spray Can Finishing46

You don't need expensive equipment to apply a professional-looking sprayed finish.

Pinned Mortise and Tenon48

Here's a simple technique that adds both strength and a traditional look to a project.

Final Details52