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Table of Contents

Tips & Techniques4

Knock Down Fasteners8

Take a look at some handy hardware that makes assembling and disassembling projects a breeze.

Secrets to a Smooth Surface10

A couple of traditional hand tools can take the hard work out of smoothing a workpiece.

Using Brass Set-Up Gauges12

When fast, precise tool setup is the goal, here's a simple accessory that gets the job done.

Vertical Cuts on the Table Saw14

With help from a couple of shop-built jigs, you can make more than just the basic cuts.

Frame and Easel18

This beautiful frame and easel is guaranteed to put a favorite family photo in the best light. After an enjoyable weekend in the shop, you'll be rewarded with a lifetime keepsake.

Online Extras

Page 21: Materials List

The Backer Top/Bottom (A) for the 8x10 frame should be 8" long, not 8 1/2" as originally printed.

Glass-Panel Coffee Table22

Building this uniquely designed coffee table is guaranteed to teach you a couple of new tricks. You'll get a healthy dose of quality shop time along with a very stylish end result.

Shop Notebook30

Drop-Front Desk32

You might want to build this project for its classic appearance - or maybe for its practicality. But I think you'll agree, the real hook here is the challenging woodworking.

Page 39: Main illustration

The drawing incorrectly calls out the Outside Panel (CC) and the Inside Panel (DD) with the same length, 37 1/2". The inside panel should be 1" shorter, 36 1/2" long. It's listed correctly in the materials list on page 41.

Page 41: Materials, Supplies, and Cutting Diagram

The materials list shows one pair of Flush Bronze Hinges but you need two pair.

Page 37: Detail 'b'

The hole for the magnet and cup is incorrectly labeled as 1/2" dia. This should be a 3/8"-dia. hole.

Page 41: Supplies list

Two (2) 1/2"-dia. Rare-Earth Magnets W/Cups & Washers are listed. These should be 1/4"-dia.

Page 38: Detail 'e'

The type of screws needed to attach part 'A' to part 'S' were not given. Detail 'e' would be a good place to add the following callout: Use #8 x 11/4" Fh woodscrews to attach lower cabinet top to lower cabinet top panel.

Page 39: Body copy

Additional instructions for how to attach the upper and lower sections of the drop-front desk: As shown on page 34, you'll drill 14 countersunk screw holes in the Lower Cabinet Top (A). These holes are also visible (and easier to see) on page 35 drawing. When you attach the Lower Cabinet Top Panel (S) to the Lower Cabinet Top (A), you will use #8 x 1 1/4" screws through the 4 holes along the front edge only of the Lower Cabinet Top (A). There is a side view of this shown on page 38, detail 'e'. Now, when you go to attach the upper cabinet, you'll use the remaining 10 countersunk holes (they'll need extended through part S) and #8 x 2" screws. This is also shown on page 38, detail 'e'.

Seamless Plywood Edging42

Here are the tips and tricks we use to guarantee perfect edging on plywood panels.

Avoiding Router Table Tearout44

It's easy to tame tearout on the router table by following a few basic guidelines.

A Distressed Milk Paint Finish46

We'll show you how to give your project the time-worn look of a classic antique.

Page 46: Text

The article refers to a box-jointed pine tray. That project was from Woodsmith issue 182, not issue 183 as the article suggests.

Carving Berry and Rod Molding48

You'll find that carving this traditional decorative molding is surprisingly simple.

Q & A50

Final Details52