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Table of Contents

Tips & Techniques4

Choosing Veneer8

Veneer offers options you don't have with solid wood. Here's how to make the right choice.

Dust Collectors10

Find out what you need to know to select and set up a dust collector for your shop.

Rockler's Concealed Hinge JIG-IT14

This handy jig makes using European-style hinges even easier. Take a look.

Box-Jointed Silverware Tray16

The design is classic, but the woodworking is definitely up-to-date. You'll learn how to cut angled box joints on the table saw and get a tray with countless uses out of the deal.

Page 17: Second illustration

In the drawing in the lower right corner, it appears we are making the cut by pulling the workpiece back through the blade. Actually, it should show a completed cut with the cut line completely through the workpiece.

Storage Bench22

You usually don't think of a bench as a storage project - but this one sure qualifies. It features plenty of seating on top as well as a place for three, roomy storage baskets below.

Online Extras

Page 28: Main illustration

The side panel (M) should be 15 1/4" wide, not 15 1/2" as originally printed.

Page 29: Materials List

The side panels (M) should be 15 1/4" wide, not 15 1/2" as originally printed.

Page 29: Main drawing

In the main drawing at the top of the page, the basket dimensions of 9" and 12-1/4" were flipped. The baskets are 9" tall, and 12-1/4" wide, not the reverse as shown.

Page 29: Materials, Supplies & Cutting Diagram

The Back Panel (K) should be 42 1/2" long, not 42 3/4" as originally printed.

Page 25: Rail Mortises illustration

The original illustration for the setup for routing the ends of the rails with the jig was virtually impossible for one person to setup using two supports and a pair of clamps. The art should show a saddle-style support held in place with one clamp. Page 25 in the archive PDF was replaced with a page showing correct art.

Shop Notebook30

Page 30: Mortise Jig

The carriage bolts shown in detail 'b' must be counterbored into the fences in order to work correctly for routing the mortises in the ends of the rails, which is covered on page 25 of the Storage Bench article.

Craftsman-Style Wall Cabinet32

The Craftsman heritage of this handsome wallcabinet is unmistakable. And you'll appreciate the fact that the woodworking is uncomplicated and, of course, solid as a rock.

Page 36: Detail b, Top Section View

At the far right of the drawing, there is a dimension of 3/8" shown for the glass stop. The lower arrow for this dimension is pointing to the outside face of the glass. It should be pointing to the inside face of the glass.

Three-Tiered In-Box38

It's surprising that something so practical could look this good. With its splined miter joints, contrasting woods, and sliding trays, this stylish in-box is sure to be a hit.

Page 40: Illustration, top view and detail

In both the top view detail and detail 'b,' the tray guides are incorrectly labeled as part F. They should be labeled part D, as in the main drawing.

Router Templates42

When it comes to shaping perfect duplicate parts, a router and a template can't be beat.

Coping & Fret Saws44

Every shop needs one of these essential saws. Here's how to choose one and put it to use.

Applying Shellac46

We'll show you three easy ways to successfully apply this versatile finish to your projects.

Solid-Wood Drawer Bottoms48

A traditional project deserves all the right details - including solid-wood drawer bottoms.

Q & A50

Final Details52