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Tips & Techniques4

Beyond Yellow Glue8

There's a type of glue for every woodworking task. Here's what you need to know.

You shouldn't have much trouble finding any of the glues discussed in the article on page 8. Just pay a visit to your local hardware store or home center. If you do have a problem locating a particular type, try the Woodsmith Store.

Insert Router Bits10

We'll take a look at a new, innovative option in router bits offered by Amana.

Replaceable insert router bits, like Amana’s new In-Tech line, might be the wave of the future. To be on the cutting edge, so to speak, go to Amana’s web site to locate a dealer near you.

Mitered Bridle Joint12

Learn a great table saw technique that results in strong, easy-to-assemble mitered frames.

Bench Grinder Tool Rests14

Turn your bench grinder into a precision sharpening station by upgrading the tool rest.

If you’re sold on the benefits of upgrading the tool rest on your bench grinder, you can’t go wrong with either option shown in the article on page 14. The Wolverine Grinding Jig is available from either Woodcraft (125676) or Rockler (24707). The Veritas Grinding Jig (05D13.02) comes from Lee Valley.

Another way to get better results from your bench grinder is to install a fast-cutting aluminum-oxide grinding wheel. You can purchase 6″- or 8″-dia. wheels in several grits from Rockler.

Mantel Clock16

This project proves that a small clock can still have "grandfather" details. You'll be in and out of the shop in a weekend, but your clock will be treasured for a lifetime.

  • Page 18: Main Illustration
    Part H (Base Trim) is missing all of the dimensions to lay out and cut the arc at the bottom edge of the piece. The arc is 3/8" high at the midpoint and 1/4" high at the ends. The ends of the arc are 1 5/8" in from the ends of the workpiece.

Before starting on the mantel clock on page 16, I ordered the movement and a few other necessary items from Klockit. Here’s what you’ll need: a six-melody quartz chime movement (12161), a white Roman numeral clock face (26618), a set of hands (66992), a package of turnbuttons (39957), a 3/8″-dia. brass knob (39051), a pair of brass hinges (39212), and a magnetic catch (39011).

To finish the clock I used our favorite custom stain mix — 3 parts Zar Cherry Stain to 1 part Jel’d Cherry Stain. This gives the desk clock its warm, aged look.

Trough-Style Bookrack20

This project certainly doesn't have the look of your run-of-the-mill bookrack. The light, open design makes for great "anywhere" storage and some challenging woodworking.

  • Page 22: Front Leg Pattern
    Two clarifications: (1) The 12 3/4" radius callout at the top of the drawing may not be obvious. (2) The pattern (blank) is 8" wide by 38" long. The blank includes the two pieces that make up the front leg of the bookrack, not just the curved piece.

You only need a couple of special hardware items to build the bookrack. The bottom shelf is attached with tabletop fasteners from Rockler (34215). I bought a section of steel rod at the hardware store to make the trough supports.

The bookcase was finished “naturally” with several coats of wiping varnish. This simple finish gives the wood a pleasing amber glow.

Shop Notebook26

Trestle Table28

The trestle-style dining table brings together the old and the new in a great project. The design is classic, while the construction and the expandable feature are more up to date.

  • Page 37: Materials, Supplies & Cutting Diagram
    The cutting diagram for Part C (Legs) should indicate two boards, 1-3/4 x 6 - 48 each, not the single 1 3/4" x 6"- 72" board as originally printed. (Alternatively you could use a single 96" board.)
  • Page 37: Materials, Supplies and Cutting Diagram
    The cutting diagram for the cherry plywood needs to show two more of part P (Leaf Edge Supports). Only two are shown and four are required if you plan to make two leaves for the table.
  • Page 34: Main illustration
    The Breadboard End (J) is marked as 34" long. It needs to match the overall width of the table (36"). The materials list is correct.
  • Page 35: Left drawing
    The left drawing in the How-To box at the bottom of page 35 shows an incorrect dimension and no callout for the router bit. The bit is raised to the centerline of the molding blank, which is 1 1/2" thick. Solution 2: The callout should be 3/4" and the bit labelled as a '1"-rad. roundover bit' (just as it is called out in detail 'a' on page 32).
  • Page 31: Figure 1 & Arm Pattern
    The location of the mounting hole in the Arm is not marked. It should be 2 1/2" in from the end.

Much of the hardware you’ll need to build the trestle table can be found at a hardware store. But you’ll have to order a couple of items. The table leaf fasteners (00S10.21) and the table alignment pins (00S10.04) can be purchased from Lee Valley.

The finish on the trestle table requires two stains. The dark poplar base is stained with General Finishes Java Gel Stain. The cherry top was stained with our favorite custom mix — 3 parts Zar Cherry Stain to 1 part Jel’d Cherry Stain.

Handsaw Till38

A shop project should be practical. But that doesn't mean you can't show off your woodworking skills. Building this traditional handsaw till will give you the best of both.

The saw till was finished "naturally" with several coats of wiping varnish. This simple finish gives the wood a pleasing amber glow.

Hand-Cut Dadoes44

With a handful of basic tools and a time-tested technique, you can cut first-class dadoes.

There are a couple of nice hand tools shown in the article on page 44 that may have piqued your interest. The back saw shown in the main photo is the small tenon saw offered by Adria. The Veritas router plane pictured on page 45 is available from Lee Valley. Lie-Nielsen makes a similar saw and router plane.

Perfect Surface Preparation46

When it's time for a finish, this four-step process guarantees you start off on the right foot.

Dovetails in Case Construction48

Dovetails aren't just for drawers. Find out how to put case dovetails to work in your projects.

Q & A50

Final Details52