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Tips & Techniques4

Cabinet-Grade Plywood8

Here's everything you need to know to make the best use of plywood in your next project.

Dust Collection Add-Ons10

It's easier than ever to keep your shop dust free. Take a look at some new handy helpers.

Many of the dust collection accessories on page 10 are available from a several different vendors. But a few of the items are sold only through one source. The Dust Right System (36134) is available from Rockler. We purchased the cyclone lid (05J30.01) and magnetic dust chute (05J21.10) from Lee Valley. And Woodworker’s Supply carries the Fazlok Universal Connectors (137-393).

Perfect Project Parts12

We unlock the secret to getting your projects started off on the right foot.

Hanging Wall Shelves16

These easy-to-build shelves attach directly to a wall, freeing up floor space and allowing you to mix and match to fill your needs. Plus, they can be modified to create a handy wine rack.

  • Page 51: Wall Shelves Sources
    There is a typo; the word "includes" is misspelled
  • Page 19: Detail a Illustration
    The depth of the cut should be 3/8", not 1/2" as printed.

The only hardware you’ll need to build the hanging wall shelves on page 16 are the brackets that attach them to the wall. We used a mounting bracket from Hangman Products (CBH-18). The 18″-long, two-piece aluminum bracket is rated to support 200 lbs. And it includes a small bubble vial to help you level the bracket when mounting it on the wall.

I stained the shelves with General Finishes’ Gel Stain (Java) stain. The Craftsman version of the shelf shown on page 19 was stained with Varathane Early American. And the shelf with the beaded front was stained with Varathane Cabernet. And to rout the profile on the beaded shelf, I used a triple beading bit by Amana (54213).

Snack Tray Cabinet20

Practicality in disguise is the best way to describe this attractive cabinet. The traditional styling is perfect for any decor, while the handy snack trays it holds make it an "everyday user."

To build the snack tray cabinet on page 20, you’ll need a few items. To start with, the turned feet were purchased from Classic Designs by Matthew Burak (463-BF.CH). The brass knobs (02W32.25) and roto hinges (00S01.05) were purchased from Lee Valley. And Rockler carries the plastic stem bumpers (28373).

To create the profile on the drawer and tray fronts, I used an Amana 5/32″-rad. Roman ogee bit (49202). And to give the project the look of aged cherry, I combined two stains — one part Varathane Traditional Cherry and one part Varathane Cabernet.

Shop Notebook28

  • Page 28: Figure 1
    The centerpoint of the radius is listed at 2" but it should be 2 1/2" in order for the cutout to match what's shown on page 24 of the Snack Tray Cabinet project.

Flat Screen Media Center30

Look past the "wow" factor of this impressive project and you find what might be the last media center you'll ever need. A classic look, bundles of storage, and all the great woodworking you could ask for.

  • Page 33: Online Extra Cutting Diagram
    The plywood thicknesses on the second page of the online cutting diagram were originally shown incorrectly. The full sheet plywood with pieces GG, FF, R, E, N and EE should be 1/4" thick. The half sheet with pieces P and BB should be 3/4". (The PDF has been replaced on
  • Page 33: Materials, Supplies & Cutting Diagram
    Part W (drawer fronts/backs) should be 10" long, not 10 1/2" as shown in the materials list. The art on page 37 shows the correction dimensions.
  • Page 33: Materials, Supplies & Cutting Diagram
    Part F (Face Frame Ends) under the Side Base Cabinet should have a length of 31-1/4" not 31".
  • Page 34: Classic Cove Bit
    Clarification: The classical cove bit has a 5/16" radius.
  • Page 33: Materials, Supplies & Cutting Diagram
    Part FF (Side Veneers) should be 11" x 13-1/4". The drawing on page 40 is correct.
  • Page 37: Main illustration
    The bead molding in the main drawing is shown as part EE, but it should be labeled as part T. The Materials, Supplies & Cutting diagram on page 33 and the drawing on page 36 correctly show the bead molding as T.

Online Extras

  • Entertainment Center
    Keeping up with changes in technology can be difficult. What’s new today can be obsolete tomorrow. Having a media center that allows you to mix and match cabinets to accommodate your changing needs can make the task easier. This versatile design will fit your needs for years to come.

The media center requires several hardware items. Most of the brass hardware was purchased from Horton Brasses. This includes the oval knobs (K-40), pantry latches (SL-6), H-hinges (HH-2), bin pulls (BN-2), shelf pegs (SP-10), and shelf peg sleeves (SP-20).

The drawer slides can be purchased at Rockler (89690) or through most other woodworking catalogs. Lee Valley carries the rare-earth magnets (99K31.03), steel cups (99K32.55), and washers (99K32.63).

You should be able to find the connector bolts, T-nuts, and screws at many hardware stores. But if you have trouble locating the correct length of connector bolts, Woodworker’s Supply carries a good selection.

A local glass shop should be able to provide you with the 1″-wide beveled glass for the doors. Lastly, the xenon lights came from Rockler. You’ll need a two light kit (39676) for the side cabinets and a three-light kit (39721) for the bridge cabinet.

The stain applied to the media center was a blend of three parts Zar cherry stain and one part of Wood Kote Jel’d cherry stain.

Table Saw Cove Molding42

Why top off a project with factory-made cove molding when you can make your own?

Tenons on the Router Table44

When you need perfectly smooth, accurate tenons, the router table is your best bet.

  • Page 44: Online extra reference
    The online extra bug in the margin should not be there. All the information is included in the article and there is no online extra.

Applying Resin Finishes46

We'll show you how to apply a great-looking and "bullet-proof" epoxy resin finish.

Two-part resin (epoxy) finishes are commonly available from many woodworking supply catalogs or craft stores. We purchased the finish from the Woodsmith Store.

Dressing Up a Square Leg48

It's easy to take a plain, square leg blank and turn it into an eye-catching focal point.

Q & A50

Final Details52