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Tips & Techniques4

10 Specialty Hinges8

Here's an up-close look at some of the special-purpose hinges we use in our shop.

One of the hinges from the article on page 8 could be just what you’re looking for to complete a project. Most of the hinges can be purchased at a hardware store or home center. But for specialty hinges we recommend Horton Brasses or Restoration Hardware (see below). The Woodsmith Store also sells most of the hinges shown in the article.

Options for Hearing Protection12

There are lots of great ways to shield your ears from noise. Take a look at some of the choices.

Hearing protection is a necessity in the shop. Whether you choose earmuffs or earplugs, you’ll find a variety available at your local hardware store or home center. We purchased the radio and speaker earmuffs featured in the article on page 12 at the Woodsmith Store. The earplugs are from the Ear Plug Superstore (below).

Drawer Slide Jigs14

These inexpensive and easy-to-use jigs can take the hassle out of installing metal drawer slides.

Aligning drawer slides accurately will be a lot easier with one of the drawer slide jigs in the article on page 14. The Euro Drawer Guide Jig (EU-3210) can be purchased at McFeely’s. The Kreg Universal Drawer Slide Mounting Jig (38444) and the Drawer Slide Jig-It are available at Rockler.

Installing Woodscrews16

When you understand all the basics, you'll make better use of this essential fastener.

Online Extras

  • Pilot Hole Sizes for Woodscrews
    Once you've chosen a screw for the job, the second part of the equation is drilling a pilot hole to match. A correctly drilled pilot hole is essential to a strong screw joint.

Installing woodscrews will go a lot smoother with one of the bits in the article on page 16. A variety of combination countersink bits are available from Woodcraft, McFeeley’s, Lee Valley, and the Woodsmith Store. The plug cutters can be purchased at McFeeley’s, Lee Valley, and the Woodsmith Store. And the Weldon-style countersink bits are available at Amazon, Lee Valley, and the Woodsmith Store.

Kitchen Pot Rack20

This stylish and practical project is sure to keep the cook happy. And if you have a weekend to spare, you'll discover that it's also easy to build.

Storage space in the kitchen is always a plus. For the kitchen pot rack on page 20 we added hardware to complement the rack and make it more functional. The hanger rod (01W83.19), shelf supports (00S06.52), and stainless steel S-hooks (12K34.22) were purchased from Lee Valley. The finish is Zar’s cherry stain.

Five-Tier Display Tower24

This project is hard to pass up. Build it for its unique look or its handy storage. Either way, your time in the shop is well spent.

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Online Extras

  • 5-Tier Display Tower Pattern
    Making the cutout handles on the front of each drawer in the 5-tier display tower is a snap using the pattern on this page. After the shelf fronts are made and the locking rabbet joinery is cut, all you’ll need to do is make a hardboard template from this full-size pattern.

The 5-tier display tower on page 24 provides handy storage and display space. The card holders (01A57.91) on the front of the shelves were purchased from Lee Valley. The finish is General Finishes’ Georgian Cherry.

Shop Notebook28

Three-Drawer Coffee Table30

A coffee table that doubles as a chest of drawers - why not? Toss in a wonderfully detailed, classic look, and you can't go wrong.

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Tasteful details and pleasing proportions are the hallmark of the three-drawer coffee table project on page 30. To complete the classic look of this table, we chose oil-rubbed bronze drawer pulls (24070999ORB) from Restoration Hardware. The coffee table was finished with cherry Jel’d Stain from Wood Kote.

Mitering Small Moldings40

These table saw techniques will guarantee perfect-fitting moldings on your projects.

Why You Need a Palm Router42

For some routing tasks, smaller is better. An easy-to-control palm router can be the answer.

A palm router, like those in the article on page 42, can be an invaluable tool in the shop. They’re the perfect size for routing profiles, inlays, and hinge mortises. The Trend T4 router (TD4000), that includes collets, a fence, and guide bushings, can be purchased at Klingspor’s Woodworking Shop. The Bosch Colt, which includes four different bases and an edge guide, is available at Amazon (PR20EVSNK) and the Woodsmith Store.

Using Water-Based Finishes46

This new class of finishes offers some great benefits. We'll tell you how to put them to work.

Ogee Profiles48

Learn how to use this simple profile to add a classic look to your projects.

Q & A50


Final Details52