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Table of Contents

Tips & Techniques4

Mallets in the Shop8

There's more to this simple hand tool than you might think. Here's the scoop.

Band Saw Upgrades & Add-Ons10

Check out a dozen great ways to improve the performance of this versatile shop tool.

Mortise Pal14

This handy new jig takes mortising with a plunge router to a new level.

Rabbets on the Table Saw16

Learn a few tricks and techniques that will make cutting perfect rabbets a sure thing.

Charging Station18

This small project fills a big need. Spend a couple of days in the shop and you’ll be rewarded with a great way to keep your cell phone and other electronic gadgets charged and organized.

Page 20: Materials, Supplies & Cutting Diagram

Parts B, C and D should all be 11" in length, not 10 3/4" as originally printed. The correct measurement is shown in the drawings throughout the article.

Page 20: Main Illustration

The support panel (part G) is 4 5/8" high, as listed in the material cutting diagram.

Page 20: Materials, Supplies & Cutting Diagram

The second part E shown in the cutting diagram should be labeled part H and should be listed as (.3 bd. ft.) not square feet since it is 3/4"-thick material. Also, graphically, since both part E's are 4" x 12", the two boards should both look the same size in the diagram.

Garden Bench22

The look of this simple garden bench couldn't be more inviting. But the most attractive part of this project might be the straightforward woodworking techniques used to build it.

Shop Notebook28

Classic Oak Wine Server30

When you combine versatile storage, interesting woodworking, and a classic look in one project, you can't go wrong. This cabinet is sure to be as enjoyable to use as it is to build.

Online Extras

Page 35: References to the bevel angle

The text and the illustration of the bevel give a blade tilt angle of 30 degrees; this is too steep. The angle should be about 18 degrees.

Page 34: Detail A

The measurement at the top of the detail for placement of the magnet should be 4 1/4" from the notched edge of the front stretcher. Note: The measurement is correct as shown in the drawing on page 32.

Page 32: Detail B

The spacing between the predrilled screwholes was not correctly illustrated: The first screw should be 7/8" from the edge. The next space should be 3 7/8" from the first screw. Then there should be three spaces of 4" each. Finally the 3 7/8" repeats and then another 7/8" at the end.

Page 51: Hardware source

The source for the pivot hinges was omitted. Lee Valley sells the Steel Pivot Hinge, part number 00H03.11.

Page 32: Detail 'a'

The hole for the "pivot hinge cup" is called out as 7/64". It should be 17/64"

Page 37: Detail 'a'

The arrow for the lowest part labeled 'Q' should be extended to point to the next item (Wine Rack Shelf) above the bottom shelf, not the bottom shelf as illustrated.

Gluing Up Large Panels38

We'll show you how to get perfect results with the least amount of effort.

10 Specialty Router Bits40

You can find a router bit to fill just about any need. Take a look at some of our favorites.

Dealing with Dust44

Clear the air and make your shop a more pleasant place to work with these simple tips.

Making Sense of Varnish46

Here's what you need to know to choose the right oil-based varnish for any project.

Shaping Perfect Curves48

Creating smooth, graceful contoured edges on your projects isn't hard. We share the secret.

Q & A50

Final Details52