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Table of Contents

Shop Brooms & Brushes8

Learn what you need to look for when choosing a broom or brush for your shop.

Sanders in the Shop10

Every woodworking shop needs a power sander or two. Here's how to get the most out of yours.

Design & Inlay Kit14

This easy-to-use router jig makes adding decorative designs to your projects a snap.

Online Extras

Candle Centerpiece16

A few small pieces of wood and a couple of hours of time are all you need to invest in this project. But it's the simple construction and attention to the details that make it a winner.

Traditional Workbench20

A solid workbench is at the heart of every shop. This one gives you everything you could ever want or ask for -- solid hardwood construction, two versatile vises, and plenty of workspace.

Online Extras

Page 22: Foot cutout detail

Clarification. The article Shop Notebook (p. 32-33) contains details about making the feet for the workbench, but contains an error. It shows the dimension of the location for the foot cutout as 3 1/2" but it should be 5 1/2". See the correction note on the Shop Notebook article in this issue.

Page 29: Cutting diagram

Clarification: The cutting diagram shows part D (the legs) coming from 1 3/4" stock. The parts are only 1 1/2" thick, but would need to be planed or resawn from 1 3/4" stock. There are no problems with the art or copy.

Page 25: Detail b, End Section View

Detail "b" incorrectly calls for a 1/16" chamfer on the long edges of part I. It should be a 1/8" chamfer.

Page 26: Main illustration

The illustration and the text do not indicate the diameter of the dog holes to be drilled in the bench top. They should all be 3/4".

Page 26: Main illustration

The illustration and the text do not indicate the length nor width of the stopped grooves for the tail vise. They should be 14-1/2" and 3/4", respectively.

Shop Notebook32

Page 32: Figure 1, detail a

The dimension for the location of the foot cutout should be 5 1/2". Note that the dimensions in the article "Traditional Workbench' are correct.

Fretwork Wall Shelf34

The distinctive scroll saw work on this small shelf gives it the look of a timeless antique. But using basic joinery techniques, you can build this classic project in a short weekend.

Tenons on the Table Saw38

We'll show you two foolproof techniques for cutting perfect-fitting tenons on the table saw.

Edge Routing Secrets42

Edge routing a workpiece is an everyday task, but a few simple tips can give you better results.

Saw & Blade Storage44

Take a look at some great ideas for keeping your saw blades and hand saws organized.

Choosing a Workbench Finish46

It makes good sense to protect this important shop fixture with the right finish.

Haunched Mortise & Tenon48

Here's the scoop on why this joint is the best choice for solid-wood frame-and-panel doors.

Q & A50

Final Details52