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Table of Contents

Tips & Techniques4

  • Page 6: Exploded view, detail b
    The slot for the slider should be 1/2", not 7/16" as printed.

New Parallel-Jaw Clamps8

There's always a way to make a good thing even better. Two new clamps have the right idea.

A set of parallel-jaw clamps, like those in the article on page 8 of Woodsmith No. 169, can really make glueups a lot faster and easier. I was able to get the Woodcraft parallel-jaw clamp, Gross Stabil PC², and Bessey K-Body clamp from Woodcraft.  The Woodcraft clamp is available through their stores and from their online website.

The Bessey K-Body clamp as well as the Jet parallel-jaw clamp can also be found at the Woodsmith Store.

The Jorgensen Cabinet Master clamp was ordered directly from Amazon.com. Contact information for each of these sources can be found below.

Splinter-Free Crosscuts10

The table saw and crosscuts go hand in hand. Here's how to get the best possible results.

Drop-Front Storage Center12

Versatile storage and "country" charm all in an easy-to-build package. Here's a great weekend project that adds up to a well-spent weekend.

  • Page 17: Column heading in text
    The column head that reads "BACK PANELS" should read "FINISHING."
  • Page 13: Materials & Supplies List
    Only one pair of drop-leaf hinges is needed, not two pair as indicated in the materials list.
  • Page 15: Photo
    The hinges depicted in the photo are not the same ones cited in the Sources section. The photo depicts Horton Brasses part number H-505, 2 7/8" x 1 1/4". The part cited in Sources, H-500 (antique brass drop-leaf table hinges) will work for this project.
  • Page 16: Instructions
    The last sentence of the final full paragraph (with the subheading "Make the Drawers") should be changed to read: Once these things are completed, you can glue and screw the case together.

The storage center on page 12 of Woodsmith No. 169 stores items and looks great on the wall. And best of all, it doesn't take a lot of material to build.

A few pieces of hardware are all that's needed to complete the project. The double coat hooks (BH-13), the 1¼"-dia. maple knobs (WK-6), and antique brass dropleaf table hinges (H-500) that allow the drop-front door to open all came from Horton Brasses.

You'll also need a 3/8"-dia. rare-earth magnet (32907) and washer to hold the door closed. The one I used came from Rockler. They are also available from Lee Valley and the Woodsmith Store.

Finish information: First, I stained the project with a dark walnut stain. When that was dry, I sprayed "Barn Red" spray paint over that. After sanding the piece to distress it, I restained any bare wood with the walnut stain again. Finally, to protect the finish, I sprayed on a couple coats of a clear semi-gloss polyurethane.

Wide-Screen TV Cabinet18

This design is as up-to-date as the gear you'll fill it with. Clean lines and straightforward joinery make it a great project to build.

  • Page 20: Main illustration
    The dimension for the location of the dado in each of the two parts 'D' (Vertical Partition) is missing. The top edge of the dado should be 12-3/4" from the top edge and the bottom edge of the dado should be located 7-3/4" from the bottom edge of the Vertical Partition.
  • Page 27: Materials, Supplies & Cutting Diagram
    In the materials list, part KK (Back Panel) should be 1/4 ply. - 22 3/4 x 69 3/4. The measurements shown in the illustration on the same page are correct.
  • Page 49: Source for self-closing hinges
    The Lee Valley part number is 00B15.24, not 00B15.34 as printed.
  • Page 20: Illustration
    The case top (A) should be 69 1/4" long, not 69 3/4" as printed. (The cutting diagram is correct.)
  • Page 22: Illustration detail B, front section view
    The measurement on the left side (piece N) should be 4", not 4 1/8" as printed.
  • Page 27: Supplies List
    The supplies list in this project had two errors. The 6th and 7th items on the list read: • (16) #7 x 11/4" Pocket Hole Screws / • (6) #8 x 11/4" Fh Woodscrews. They should read: • (12) #8 x 11/4" Fh Woodscrews / • (6) #8 x 11/4" Ph Woodscrews.

Online Extras

  • Etching Glass
  • Etched Glass Doors
    Adding etched glass panels to the doors on the Wide-Screen TV Cabinet in Woodsmith No. 169 is easier than you think. See the Online Video, "Etching Glass" to see how simple it is to create a frosted look on glass. (I used the same pattern as the wood lattice for etching the glass.)

The TV cabinet on page 18 of Woodsmith No. 169 is large enough to support most flat-panel, wide-screen television sets and would make a great addition to an entertainment room.

You'll find almost all of the materials needed to build the cabinet at your local lumberyard or woodworking store. But there are a few items you might need to order from mail-order suppliers before you begin the project.

Pocket screws were used to assemble the base of the cabinet.  These screws can be found at almost any woodworking store.  I used #7 x 1¼" fine-threaded screws (38502) from Rockler.

You'll also need some hardware for the drawers and doors. I used Blum full inset 120° self-closing hinges (00B15.24) to mount the doors. And installed a set of 32mm (01X43.22) and 96mm (01X43.24) pewter double bar door pulls for opening the drawers and cabinet doors. A pair of black 16" full-extension slides (02K36.16) was used to mount the large center drawer. All of this hardware was ordered from Lee Valley.

Shop Notebook28

  • Page 28: Photo
    The hinges depicted in the photo are not the same ones cited in the Sources section for the drop-front storage center. The photo depicts Horton Brasses part number H-505, 2 7/8" x 1 1/4". The part cited in Sources, H-500 (antique brass drop-leaf table hinges) will work for this project.

Campaign Chest30

How about a project that combines traditional joinery and classic details into practical storage? It's guaranteed to take your skills to the next level.

  • Page 37: Cutting diagram
    Two corrections. 1. Parts (A) and (B) form a glued up panel, so you don't need to cut four blanks from the board and glue them together again. Only two are needed from each of the top two boards. 2. In the third board down, part letters C and D are transposed. The materials list is correct.
  • Page 49: Source for case handle.
    The correct case handle shown on the Campaign Chest is the Colonial Chest Handle available from Lee Valley (06W02.01).

The campaign chest on page 30 of Woodsmith No. 169 features solid wood construction with a little plywood for the drawer fronts, case backs, and drawer bottoms to help avoid wood movement. To complete the project, you'll need some veneer to apply to the back panels and front of the drawers. The plainsliced mahogany veneer (18168) we used came from Rockler.

To give the chest a fine furniture look, you'll want to add some nice-looking brass hardware.  The heavy-duty campaign chest corner hardware (00A17.02), flush drawer handles (00A19.02), and case handles (00A19.03) all came from Lee Valley.

You'll also need some stem bumpers to keep the drawer operation straight and smooth.  These are available from many woodworking suppliers. I ordered the stem bumpers (28373) for my drawers from Rockler.

Half-Blind Dovetails38

Get the fine craftsmanship of handcut dovetails without all the work. We'll show you how.

Driving Screws42

Learn a few tips and tricks that will make working with woodscrews a lot easier.

Sawhorse Upgrades44

Don't let your saw horses slack off. Check out a few great ways to make them work harder.

Success With Wiping Varnish46

Try this quick and easy finish and it might become your "go-to" choice for great-looking projects.

Online Extras

  • Make Your Own Wiping Varnish
    Mixing your own wiping varnish offers a couple of nice advantages. First, you can be certain that the product you're using is a true wiping varnish, not an oil/varnish imposter. Second, it's a good way to save a little money. You can avoid paying a high price for a product that contains a large amount of inexpensive thinner.


Insetting Brass Corners50

Perfectly mounted hardware is a sure sign of a true craftsman. Learn the simple secret.

Final Details52