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Tips & Techniques4

Router Bit Revival8

Don't toss out those old, sorry-looking router bits. We'll show you how to make them cut like new.

If you're as hard on router bits as I am, you'll appreciate the tips for cleaning and honing them on page 8 of Woodsmith No. 167. It's easy to keep them in good shape with just a little TLC and the right tools. The diamond bench stone, needle files, and pocket stones I used are made by EZE-LAP Diamond Products. You can find contact information for EZE-LAP retailers in the margin. These items are also available at the Woodsmith Store.

SketchUp by Google10

If you thought a computer design program was out of reach, check out this offering.

There's no question that using your computer to design projects can be a real timesaver. However, most design programs run a little bit on the expensive side. Google's SketchUp software, featured on page 10 of Woodsmith No. 167, is free. You can download it and try it for yourself by checking out

Quick & Accurate Mortises12

Power and hand tools work side-by-side to give you perfect mortises -- fast.

EZ Smart Guide14

This innovative guide system turns your circular saw into a precision tool for cutting sheet stock.

Whether it's cutting plywood for home construction or a furniture project, the EZ Smart Guide shown on page 14 of Woodsmith No. 167 is a handy way to get more out of your circular saw. The basic system and optional accessories are all available from Eurekazone, Inc. See below for details.

Curved-Front Bookcase16

The gently curving sides of this bookcase give it a sophisticated look. But you'll be pleasantly surprised at how easy it goes together.

 For the bookcase featured on page 16 of Woodsmith No. 167, I used Minifix connectors (22161), and some 1/4" shelf support pins (22765) from Rockler. I also decided that this was a good project to use iron-on edging (91695) to cover the plywood. The cherry veneer edging is also available from the Woodsmith Store.

Tall Kitchen Table22

The compact and stylish design of this project is what gets your attention. But don't overlook the great woodworking that goes into building it.

  • Page 28: Illustration
    The dimension for the mortise location for the spindles (part O) is missing. These mortises are located 5 3/8" from the bottom of the leg.
  • Page 25: Illustration detail
    In detail 'a', the bit is called out below as 3/8" dia.. The 1/2" dimension refers to the width of the mortise. However, the left leader line and arrow are misplaced. Also, two of the callouts need some minor changes: 1, "Layout ends of mortise..." should be "Lay out...". 2, "First: Rout on one side of mortise" should read "First: Rout one side of mortise".

The tall table and stools project featured on page 22 of Woodsmith No. 167 doesn't require a lot of supplies other than wood, but I did use some tabletop fasteners, often called Z-clips, to attach the top to the frame. I turned to Lee Valley (13K01.01) for these handy and easy-to-use fasteners.

Shop Notebook30

Display Cabinet32

With a design that's part traditional and part contemporary, you'll find this project will fit in just about anywhere in your home.

I made a trip to my local glass supplier for the shelves and door panels in the display cabinet on page 32 of Woodsmith No. 167. You can order the chrome, ball-tipped butt hinges (01H28.20) and the chrome-plated utility catches (01L05.02) from Lee Valley. I found the 1/4" nickel-plated shelf supports (33860), and the rubber cushions (33928) that keep the shelves from rattling at Rockler.

Mastering the Jointer40

The jointer can be one of the handiest tools in the shop. Learn how to master the possibilities.

Hardware Storage44

Is your hardware scattered all over the shop? We'll show you five ways to keep it organized.

Most of the hardware storage ideas on page 44 of Woodsmith No. 167 can be built from scrap hardwood, MDF, or hardboard. One of the projects, however, uses handy, glass-topped, aluminum watchmaker's cases (27K50.75) from Lee Valley. I chose the 2-3/4"-dia. cases for this project, but they come in a wide variety of other sizes, as well. Their contact information is below.

Antiquing Hardware46

You don't have to wait years for new hardware to "age." Here's how to do it overnight.

Being able to add a custom patina to off-the-shelf hardware opens up a lot of possibilities for your projects. The ammonia, muriatic acid, and lacquer thinner you might need are available at your local home center or hardware store. THe darkening solution I used was from the Woodsmith Store (465399). I also found darkening solutions at Van Dyke's Restorers (02249614 & 02001547). Information for both sources is shown below.

Q & A48

Mitered Half Lap50

How do you make a stronger miter joint? It's easy. A simple table saw jig is all it takes.

Final Details52