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Table of Contents

Tips & Techniques4

Page 6: Illustration

The cutoff box is made of 3/4" plywood, not 1/2" plywood as indicated in the callout.

Rare-Earth Magnets8

When you see what these versatile magnets can do, they won't be "rare" in your shop.

Pocket Planes10

You'll find that one of these small planes will definitely earn its keep.

Sharpening Drill Bits12

Make your drill bits work like new. Basic tools and a step-by-step technique are all it takes.

Router Inlay Kit14

With an easy-to-use router bushing kit, adding perfect-fitting inlays to a project is a breeze.

Online Extras

Quilt Rack16

Through mortises on the table saw? We'll show you how it's done on this classic, Craftsman-style project.

Page 18: Illustration detail A.

The foot is mislabeled as Part B; it is really part A.

Page 19: Illustration and detail A.

The side is mislabled as part A; it is really part B.

Page 19: Detail d, Front View

Detail "d" should show a top view of stretcher (C) to detail the thickness of the tenon (1/2") and size of chamfer (1/8")

Page 19: Detail a, Side View

Detail 'a' is a side view, so there should be a vertical line to show the chamfer along the cheek of the tenon.

Page 19: Illustration detail A

The dado blade should be 7/8" wide by 1 1/4" high, not 1 3/4" x 1 3/4" as printed.

No-Fuss Chamfers20

For quick, clean chamfers on a workpiece, a block plane is sometimes the best tool.

Space-Saving Loft Bed22

Great looking and practical, but what you'll really like is the straightforward construction.

Page 32: bracket jig dimensions

Clarification Note: The article references the Shop Notebook on page 32 for details on making the jig. The Shop Notebook article contains an error; please see the correction note for that article.

Shop Notebook32

Page 32: Routing template pattern.

The two large holes should be centered 1 3/4" from the outside face, not 1 1/4" as printed. Jig is used in the Space-Saving Loft Bed project. The dimensions given on page 28 of that project article are correct.

Dressing Mirror34

The elegant detail of this full-length mirror is sure to draw attention. But we make creating this look a simple task.

Easy Router Table Upgrades42

Add a few shop-built accessories to your router table and get better results.

Tips for Perfect Planing44

A planer is a handy addition to any shop. Here are ten great tips for top-notch results.

Water-Based Dyes46

It's hard to beat water-based dyes for quick, natural-looking color. We'll show you the basics.

Q & A48

Keyed Mortise and Tenon50

Learn everything you need to know to craft this traditional, knock-down joint.

Final Details52