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Tips & Techniques4

  • Page 6: Detail illustration a
    The illustration indicates 12" between cross members, but the distance should be measured from the centers of the cross members. The 5 5/8" dimension (from the left edge to the first cross member) should be measured to the center of the cross member and become 6".

Waterproof Glues8

Everything you need to know to choose the right waterproof glue for your next outdoor project.

It would be a lot tougher to build long-lasting outdoor projects if it wasn't for modern waterproof adhesives. You'll find most of the waterproof glues we looked at on page 8 of Woodsmith No. 165 at your local hardware store. We were impressed with Bolder Bond, a low-foaming polyurethane glue. It's a new product, so it's not widely distributed. But it is currently in stock at the Woodsmith Store.

Moisture Meters10

Want a way to know that your wood is dry enough to use? A moisture meter is the answer.

Knowing the moisture content of wood helps with your projects even if you only use kiln-dried stock. Moisture meters come in all price ranges, with a variety of features. On page 10 of Woodsmith No. 165, we looked at a selection from the Woodsmith Store, Lee Valley, Rockler, and Woodcraft. I liked the Electrophysics model. There are many models available from this manufacturer. Contact information is below.

Fast Sandpaper Sharpening12

If you don't like to spend time sharpening, here's a shop-tested way to get the job done -- fast.

It's tough to beat the sandpaper method of sharpening, shown on page 12 of Woodsmith No. 165, for convenience and ease. It's also a pretty inexpensive way to keep your tools honed. Check with your local glass dealer to find a good piece of 1/4" plate (or float) glass. Also, if you can't find all the grits of the wet/dry silicon-carbide sandpaper in your hardware store, go to an auto parts store -- they'll usually have a good supply.

Table Saw Tenoning Jigs14

A commercial tenoning jig can be a great way to get fast, accurate results at a moderate price.

When you have a lot of tenons to cut, there's no substitute for a good tenoning jig for your table saw. The General, Delta, and Jet jigs featured on page 14 of Woodsmith No. 165 are available from The Woodsmith Store. You'll also find them at Rockler and Woodcraft. I was also impressed by the simplicity and the unique design of the tenoning jig from Woodhaven (4556K).

Wall Shelves16

This unique project combines an interesting design and some challenging woodworking. The result is a well-spent weekend.

Online Extras

Patio Serving Cart20

You'll cook out in style with this great-looking and versatile patio cart. And it's built to stand up to the elements.

  • Page 27: Materials List
    The material specified in the cutting diagram should be White Oak, not Red Oak.
  • Page 22: Text, third-to-last paragraph
    The first paragraph under the head "END RAILS" reads: "All of the end rails (and the two handles shown on the next page) are cut to the same length." It should read: "END RAILS & HANDLES. Next, cut all of the end rails, and the two handles shown on the next page to their proper length."
  • Page 22: Detail 'b'
    In detail 'b', we call out a '3/8"-dia. hole for barrel nut'. It should be a 10mm-dia. hole.

To get the patio cart on page 20 of Woodsmith No. 165 ready for barbecue season, you'll need some hardware. I ordered the 5"-dia. total-lock casters (31845), table top fasteners (34215), and 1/4" shelf supports (33894), from Rockler. They also carry 3-1/2" connector bolts (31864), 1-1/8" connector bolts (31831), cross dowels (31823), and hinges (29157).

Outdoor Grilling Accessories28

A handy serving tray and cutting board will be a great addition to the serving cart. But these two projects can also stand on their own.

  • Page 29: Detail a, End View
    The bit height is shown as 7/16". It should be 7/32".

Shop Notebook30

12-Drawer Storage Cabinet32

You'll love this simple look of this cabinet. But the straightforward construction is even more impressive.

The 12-drawer storage cabinet on page 32 of Woodsmith No. 165 doesn't require much hardware. The screws to fasten the top, bottom, and back can be found in any hardware store.

I used General Finishes' Java Gel Stain for the dark finish. At a local hardware store, I found the Berenson Hardware knobs (9880-1RB-B) for the cabinet. See their website (linked below) to find a dealer near you.

Dado shims can be especially useful for cutting dadoes to fit plywood. I found the set pictured on page 34 of Woodsmith No. 165 at the Woodsmith Store, but they're also available through many of the mail-order suppliers.

Perfect Beveled Miters42

Here are a few tips to make your beveled miter joints dead-on accurate every time.

Band Saw Add-Ons44

Five easy-to-build accessories to make your hand saw work harder and better.

Easy Outdoor Finishes46

Learn how to protect outdoor projects from Mother Nature without a lot of work.

Walk into just about any home center or hardware store and you'll probably find a full line of outdoor finishes. The finishes from Penofin and Cabot, discussed on page 46 of Woodsmith No. 165, are available through authorized distributors. You can check their website for a local dealer. You'll find contact information for both manufacturers below.

Q & A48

Table Saw Drawer Construction50

Building solid drawers is a breeze. Here's a look at how to get the whole job done at the table saw.

Final Details52