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Tips & Techniques4

Threaded Inserts8

Easy to install, press-fit inserts will allow you to add knock-down hardware to your next project.

Industrial supply stores are a great source for a wide variety of pressfit threaded inserts. The inserts shown in the article came from McMaster-Carr (see below). They also carry many other styles of threaded inserts that you may not have seen before.

The knock-down fittings (00N12.01) that are shown in the box on the bottom of page 9 were purchased from Lee Valley. You can find their contact information listed below.

Western Back Saws10

A new generation of hand saws takes quality to a new level. Find out what to look for.

Walk into just about any hardware store and you’ll probably find a back saw sitting on a shelf. But if you’re looking for a saw that can cut straight and stay on a line, a hardware store-variety back saw is probably going to fall short.

You can find better-quality back saws in most woodworking catalogs. Even here though, there’s a wide range of prices and quality.

Out of the saws we looked at, two brands consistently came to the top — Lie-Nielsen and Adria Toolworks (see below). Although both of these saws cost a bit more than other brands, the results you get are well worth it.

6 Creative Clamping Solutions12

Odd-shaped parts and tough joints are no match for these clamping tricks.

Rosette Cutters14

Use these big bits for a decorative touch.

Carbide rosette cutters are available from several woodworking catalogs. The cutterhead with the interchangeable knives (shown on in the box on page 15 of Woodsmith No. 164) came from MLCS Woodworking.

Picture Frame16

Open this tabletop frame to reveal four, special photos. Close it to show off your skill in making solid-wood raised panels.

  • Page 18: Detail a
    The measurement along the lower part of piece C is printed as 7/8" but it should be 15/16".
  • Page 19: Exploded view
    Measurement of height of the right-most piece is printed as 13 but should be 8.
  • Page 18: Photo
    (Clarification) The photo should really not include the frame piece shown at the top of the photo. There are only three different frame piece profiles. There are also three frame pieces for each door, but other than the width, the joinery is identical. So the margin photo should really show six pieces, but the three frame pieces for the door would be indistinguishable from the back frame pieces. Also, part D is not shown in the photo at all, but actually has joinery along each edge that matches the second piece from the bottom in the margin.

To build the picture frame, you’ll need some clear, 0.1"-thick acrylic, a piece of 1/4" steel rod for the pivot pins, a couple of brass washers, and a few woodscrews. I purchased all of these items at a local hardware store.

The only other hardware item you’ll require is a pair of brass knobs for the doors. These are available from Rockler.

Compact Desk22

Simple plywood construction makes this desk solid. Plastic laminate gives it style.

You’ll need a few pieces of hardware to build the compact desk. The magnetic catches (26559) and drawer guides (89690) came from Rockler. And I was able to order the bevel edge drawer pull (02W34.23) and the oval and round grommets (00U10.01 and 00U08.51) from Lee Valley. The only other hardware items you’ll need are a piece of 1/4"-dia. steel rod for the shelf pins and some ordinary woodscrews.

In addition to the hardware, you’ll need some plastic laminate to cover the plywood surfaces of the desk. Although you can use any color or texture of laminate you want, I ordered a 5' x 12' sheet of Antique Copper LS (D494-60) laminate from WilsonArt. And for the underside of the desk top, I ordered a 4' x 4' sheet of backing laminate.

Shop Notebook30

Nesting Tables32

Build these three space-saving tables with one, easy-to-master router table technique.

The nesting tables don’t require much in the way of hardware. You’ll need some table top fasteners (34215) to attach the tops to the table bases. (Mounting screws are included with the fasteners.)

And then to make it easier to slide the tables out from their nested position, you can add floor glides (31049) to the bottoms of the legs. Both the table top fasteners and the glides are available from Rockler or from similar sources.

Brad Nailer40

Put down your hammer. Learn shop-tested techniques for better results with a nailer.

Top 10 Table Saw Upgrades42

These shop-built accessories will add speed, precision, and safety to your saw.

Q & A48

Secrets to Perfect Panels50

Adding a few, simple details can take your next project from good to great.

Online Extras

  • Secrets to Perfect Panels

    Practice making great-looking panels with our interactive demonstration below. You can rip and arrange boards for the best appearance. Give it a try!

Final Details52