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Table of Contents

Tips & Techniques4

Best Bit for a Flush Fit8

Learn all you need to know to choose the best flush-trim bit for the job.

One-Hand Clamps10

You won't need a lot of muscle to get a grip -- just a set of one-hand clamps.

Tips for Installing Drawer Stops12

Discover the secrets to keeping drawers in place.

Miller Dowel System14

Dowel joints make a come-back with this new cutting-edge system.

Serving Tray16

You'll be serving guests in the evening after spending the day building this stylish tray.

Online Extras

Tilt-Out Storage Chest20

With its simple, divided bin, this chest provides the solution to a wide range of storage needs.

Online Extras

Page 24: Exploded view, detail a

An arrow is out of place in the lower center portion of the drawing. The arrow indicating a measurement of 5" should be from outer edge.

Shop Notebook28

Grandfather Clock30

With classic styling and commanding presence, this grandfather clock is sure to be a "timeless" heirloom classic for years to come.

Online Extras

One-Hour Workshop42

Work faster and more accurately at your workbench with 10 easy-to-build accessories.

Touching It Up46

Is your furniture looking a little worn? You can make it look new again with a touch-up pen.


Cutting a Hinge Mortise50

All it takes is a simple step-by-step process to cut a hinge mortise by hand.

Final Details52