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Table of Contents

Tips & Techniques4

Best Bit for a Flush Fit8

Learn all you need to know to choose the best flush-trim bit for the job.

One-Hand Clamps10

You won't need a lot of muscle to get a grip -- just a set of one-hand clamps.

One-hand clamps can be real timesavers. The Professional Diamond clamp (#31691) and the Variable Ratchet clamp (#31591) are made by Craftsman, and I picked them up at a local Sears store.

You’ll find the Pony Spring Clamp (#3202), Adjust-a-Clamp (#3250), and Pressure Adjusting Clamp (#32225) at home centers and from the Adjustable Clamp Company.You’ll be able to find the Irwin Spring Clamp (#222702) and Irwin Quick Grip Hand-Clamp (#59200) at many home centers and hardware stores as well. Most of these clamps, including the Bessey Varioclippix Clamp (XV5-100), are available at the Woodsmith Store.

Tips for Installing Drawer Stops12

Discover the secrets to keeping drawers in place.

Miller Dowel System14

Dowel joints make a come-back with this new cutting-edge system.

Serving Tray16

You'll be serving guests in the evening after spending the day building this stylish tray.

Online Extras

You won’t need any hardware to build the serving tray. But I did add a design to the Plexiglas tray bottom by using decorative window film that I ordered from Glass Decor and More. You’ll find a variety of designs available.

Tilt-Out Storage Chest20

With its simple, divided bin, this chest provides the solution to a wide range of storage needs.

  • Page 24: Exploded view, detail a
    An arrow is out of place in the lower center portion of the drawing. The arrow indicating a measurement of 5" should be from outer edge.

Most of the items you’ll need to build the storage chest can be found at your hardware store or home improvement center. One thing you’ll need is a pair of flat springs to keep the tilt-out bin from slamming closed. The flat springs (FS-08) I used were ordered from Small Parts, Inc.

Shop Notebook28

Grandfather Clock30

With classic styling and commanding presence, this grandfather clock is sure to be a "timeless" heirloom classic for years to come.

Online Extras

One of the things that gives the grandfather clock its great look is the hardware that’s used. The 2" ball-tipped butt hinge (PB-407B), pendant pull (MS-14), brass ball catches (BC-275), and the upholstery tacks (T-5) used for the clock face markers all came from Horton Brasses, Inc.

To make the face of the clock, you’ll need a piece of .020" brass plate. The piece of brass plate (#8956K73) I used was ordered from McMaster-Carr.

The doors of the clock call for a couple of pieces of beveled glass. I ordered the glass I used at a local glass store. If needed, Rockler has flexible quarterround glass stop (#34748).

One of the more important items you’ll need is the clock movement. I used a Kieninger mechanical clock mechanism (#084103) that I ordered from S. LaRose. It came complete with hands, cables, weights, shells, pulleys, key, and a stick pendulum with a brass bob. The set of clock face numerals (#085778B) came from S. LaRose as well. And you’ll need a can of Rust-Oleum hammered finish spray paint for the numerals.

If you build the display case clock, you’ll need a different clock mechanism. For this, I used a quartz movement (#812174) that I ordered from S. LaRose. Again, the ½"-thick glass shelves were ordered from a glass store.

Finish information: I stained the clock with two coats of Bartley Brown Mahogany Gel Stain, then sprayed on a clear water-based topcoat.

One-Hour Workshop42

Work faster and more accurately at your workbench with 10 easy-to-build accessories.

Touching It Up46

Is your furniture looking a little worn? You can make it look new again with a touch-up pen.

When it comes to the touch-up pens, you’ll find a number of products available. Pantone and Prismacolorpens can be found at most art stores. The Pro-Mark II and Behlen Furniture Scratch Remover pens were ordered from Mohawk Finishing Products. They come in a wide range of colors.


Cutting a Hinge Mortise50

All it takes is a simple step-by-step process to cut a hinge mortise by hand.

Final Details52