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Table of Contents

Tips & Techniques4

10 Rules for Case Assembly8

These simple guidelines help you take the stress out of gluing up a project.

Big Results from a Small Router10

New features and more power, all in a compact size. What more could you ask for?

Flawless Fit for Mitered Molding12

Learn the secrets for perfect-fitting miters.

Veritas Honing Guide14

Getting a sharp edge has never been easier. This new guide will get you set up in seconds.

Inlay Marquetry Box16

Find out how a simple scroll saw technique can turn a project from ordinary to outstanding.

Online Extras

Curved-Stretcher Accent Table22

Bending wood is pretty simple when you learn our straightforward lamination technique.

Online Extras

Page 24: Clamping block blank illustration (lower left corner of the page).

The first measurement along the top edge is printed as 4" but it should be 3".

Page 25: Clamping jig illustration, lower right corner of the page.

The measurement from the left edge to the first line is printed as 4" but should be 3".

Shop Notebook30

Traditional Tool Chest32

Through dovetails, authentic hardware, and organized storage combine to make a classic home for your prized hand tools.

Online Extras

Page 53: Dimensions for pieces L and M

The dimensions for pieces L and M are reversed. Note that the cutting diagram and the illustration in the article are correct.

Random Orbit Sanders42

Cut down your sanding time and get smoother, swirl-free results from your power sander.

Tough Cuts Made Easy44

Having a few workshop "helpers" around can take the hassle out of tough rip cuts.

Making the New Look Old46

You'll be surprised how easy it is to transform a brand new project into an "instant" antique.

Q & A48

Perfect-Fitting Dovetails50

A few foolproof tips and tricks for seamless joints.

Final Details52