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Tips & Techniques4

Reducing Table Saw Vibration8

Easy upgrades for a smoother-running saw.

Upgrading the pulleys and V-belt that came with your table saw is a great way to eliminate vibration. Although you can purchase these items separately, you might want to order a contractor's saw performance package from In-Line Industries (see below). These kits are designed for specific saws, and include a pair of pulleys and a 4-foot link belt. You should be able to find them for around $50.

Must-Have Band Saw Blades10

Three blades will handle just about all your sawing tasks. We'll show you what to look for.

Having the right blade will make your band saw cut faster and smoother. The three blades shown in this article are Timberwolf blades from Suffolk Machinery (see below).

Resaw blades are designed to make sawing thick stock into thinner boards fast and easy. The carbide-tipped Tri-Master is made by Lenox. The thin Wood Slicer is available from Highland Hardware. You'll find the information you need to order each blade below.

Quartered Bookmatch Veneer12

We'll show you a foolproof technique for creating this traditional veneer pattern.

Auxiliary Router Baseplates14

Get more from your router with a few simple, shop-built baseplates.

Planter Box16

Simple joinery, and durable materials combine to create a weather-proof planter.

Online Extras

  • Planter Box
    It may look like a lot of other planters you've seen, but it's certainly not built like the rest. You'll find you won't need to do a lot of tedious hand work or use a lot of special tools to build this one.
  • Long Planter Box
    To make a longer planter box, all you'll need to do is extend the length of the rails and top frame a bit. Then cut a few extra side panels. It's assembled the same way as the smaller planter box.

There isn't much else that you'll need to build these patio planter boxes besides the wood. The adjustable shelf is supported by L-shaped shelf supports (#33860) that came from Rockler.

To stand up to the elements, I used waterproof, polyurethane glue to assemble the planter boxes. Then I painted them with an exterior house paint from Benjamin Moore. The colors I used were “Lightning White” and “Weston Flax.”

Tall Bookcase22

This easy-to-build bookcase has everything you want -- sturdy construction, adjustable shelves, modular design, and classic molding.

  • Page 22: Materials list
    Part (L) was originally listed as Top Cove Sides (1). This was corrected on 5/19/16—it should be: Top Cove Sides (2).

Online Extras

  • Tall Bookcase
    It only takes a quick look at the photo to see that this classic-looking bookcase is a great way to transform some unused wall space into versatile storage. But it's not until you get into all the construction detail that you see the full picture.

Besides being easy to build, the classic bookcase doesn't take a lot of hardware. Other than a handful of screws, the only other hardware necessary are some leveler blocks (#31210) and a package of spoon-style shelf support pins (#22765).

If you plan on making several bookcases and connecting them, there are a couple other items you'll need. The first is some 1-1/8″-long connector bolts (#31831). Then, to go along with these, you'll need some matching cap nuts (#31815). All these supplies came from Rockler.

Shop Notebook28

Jewelry Chest30

Sure it looks great, but what you'll really like are all the details that go into building it.

  • Page 32: Exploded view
    The width of piece A - Case Front is printed as 12" but it should be 18"
  • Page 34: Exploded view
    Two errors: 1. Piece K Lid Frame Front/Back length printed as 18 5/8" but should be 18". 2. Piece L Lid Frame Side length printed as 12 5/8" but should be 12".
  • Page 36: Exploded view
    Height of piece S Drawer Back printed as 1 3/4" but should be 1 3/8".

Online Extras

  • Jewelry Chest
    When you first look at this jewelry chest, it's hard to know where to focus your attention. The elegant, veneered lid opens to reveal a beveled mirror and a divided "tray." Below this are a couple of mitered-front drawers with more intricately divided compartments. And to top it all off, the chest rests on a graceful stand.

One of the things that makes the jewelry chest an heirloom project is the use of solid brass hardware. Most of this came from Rockler. The hardware includes the hinges (#25759), knobs (#68627), bail pulls (#35402), half-mortise lock (#14861), and escutcheon (#35774). The lid chain (#00G44.01) and chain anchor (#00G45.15) came from Lee Valley. You'll also need some brass washers and brass woodscrews to attach the chain to the chest.

Below you'll find several sources of veneer for the lid. The other supplies — the mirror, fabric, batting, posterboard, foam insulation, and rod — were purchased locally.

To build the stand, you'll only need some figure-8 fasteners (#21650) and furniture glides (#24380) from Rockler.

Making Sliding Dovetail Joints41

A strong, locking joint that's also attractive.

Low-Tech Dust Collection42

Eliminate dust without spending a lot of money.

5 Uses for a Combination Square44

Learn shop-tested tips for making the most of this handy layout and setup tool.

Using Gel Stains46

More working time, even color, and great results -- what more could you ask for?

Q & A48

Half-Mortise Locks50

Fine furniture needs the right hardware. Learn how to install this heirloom lock on your project.

Final Details52