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Table of Contents

Tips & Techniques4

Strong & Sturdy Shelving8

Learn the secrets to building sag-free shelves.

Corner Clamps10

Assembling face frames, miters, and plywood cases has never been easier.

Simple Repairs for Major Mistakes12

Find out the steps you can take to repair five common woodworking mishaps.

Miter Gauges14

Replacing your table saw's miter gauge can boost its accuracy. We'll show you what to look for.

Countertop Wine Rack18

This simple plywood rack lets you show off your collection and keep it close at hand.

Online Extras

Page 21: Exploded view of base, detail b

Piece K is mislabeled as Back Apron; it is the Front Apron.

Page 18: Online Extra Cutting Diagram

As shown on the cutting diagrams, the thickness of the first and third boards should be 1/2", not 3/4" as originally indicated.

Tongue & Groove Joinery28

Shop Notebook30

Space-Saving Tool Stations42

These unique workstations keep benchtop power tools organized and ready to go.

Rediscovering Oilstones44

Overlooked by many woodworkers, durable oilstones still deserve a place in your shop.

Spray Finishes46

Many of our favorite finishes are available in spray cans. See what you need to keep on hand.

Q & A48

Web Frames50

Behind the scenes, these simple frames are hard at work keeping a chest of drawers strong.

Final Details52