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Tips & Techniques4

Strong & Sturdy Shelving8

Learn the secrets to building sag-free shelves.

Corner Clamps10

Assembling face frames, miters, and plywood cases has never been easier.

The Gross Stabil Multi-Spanner and Jet Jointing Clamp are available at the Woodsmith Store. You can get the Bessey Angle Clamp and the Clamp-it Assembly Square at both Rockler and the Woodsmith Store. For other sources, try contacting the company directly (see below for more information).

Simple Repairs for Major Mistakes12

Find out the steps you can take to repair five common woodworking mishaps.

Miter Gauges14

Replacing your table saw's miter gauge can boost its accuracy. We'll show you what to look for.

The Kreg, Incra 1000, Rockler Sure-Loc, and Osborne EB-3 miter gauges are all available at the Woodsmith Store. I ordered the Deluxe Miter Gauge Starter Kit (4986K) from Woodhaven that included the Ultra Track, and curved stop. The Accu-Miter miter gauge (03J60.55) came from Lee Valley. For additional sources, contact the manufacturers directly.

Countertop Wine Rack18

This simple plywood rack lets you show off your collection and keep it close at hand.

  • Page 21: Exploded view of base, detail b
    Piece K is mislabeled as Back Apron; it is the Front Apron.
  • Page 18: Online Extra Cutting Diagram
    As shown on the cutting diagrams, the thickness of the first and third boards should be 1/2", not 3/4" as originally indicated.

Online Extras

  • Countertop Wine Rack
    One thing that really attracted me to this wine rack is its modular design. Besides the great stand-alone project, it's just as easy to expand it into the wine server or buffet that are described in this issue. But it isn't just for storing wine. You can use it as a foundation for a number of storage options. Building two or more of these basic units allows you to combine them in different ways.

Modular Wine Server22

Start with a pair of boxes and add a few details to make this compact cabinet.

Online Extras

  • From Server to Wine Buffet
    One of the best features of the wine server in Woodsmith No. 157 is that it's modular. Everything from the insides, to the base is designed to be modified and adapted to your needs. A striking way to do this is to triple the size of the server and turn it into a buffet, as you can see in this article.
  • Modular Wine Server
    I started small using a pair of cases from the countertop wine rack on page 18 of this issue as a building block. After adding a base and some wineglass holders, I had a "complete" project.

It won't take a lot of hardware to build this wine server. Besides a few screws, you'll need a few other things. The shelf pins (#22765) and drawer pull (#43105) come from Rockler. You should be able to find similar items available locally as well.

If you don't plan on making the wineglass molding, you can purchase some from Rockler. The number is #22210 for a 36″ piece. One thing to know, however, is that it's only available in red oak.

Tongue & Groove Joinery28

You shouldn't have any trouble finding these router bits. The ¼″-dia. and ½″-dia. straight bits I used came from the Woodsmith Store. You should be able to find similar straight bits in most woodworking supply catalogs.

The rabbeting bit is made by Amana (49302). Slot cutters are available from a number of manufacturers in a variety of sizes. The slot cutter shown in the article was obtained from Jesada Tools (624-128).

Shop Notebook30

Library Cabinet32

With its traditional details and joinery, this great-looking cabinet will be a pleasure to build.

Online Extras

  • Two-Tiered Chest
    As you can see in the photo, the elegant shelf added to the top of the chest looks right at home. The secret is that all of the design elements used on the shelf mirror those on the chest below. The result is a shelf that's a perfect complement.
  • Library Cabinet
    You don't need me to tell you that the classic Library Cabinet is a great looking project. The photo does that for me. There's more to this project than you might think. The two-piece design of this project gives you several nice options.

You can find hardware for the library cabinet from most hardware suppliers. But the hardware I used all came from Rockler. I used 4 bail pulls (#35402) for the front of the drawers. The stem bumpers (#28373) are packaged eight to a bag which is just the number I needed for the drawers. Then to hold the shelves, I used ¼″ shelf supports (#33894).

Space-Saving Tool Stations42

These unique workstations keep benchtop power tools organized and ready to go.

Rediscovering Oilstones44

Overlooked by many woodworkers, durable oilstones still deserve a place in your shop.

The Norton oilstones featured in this article can be ordered online from Tools for Working Wood and The Best Things. You can find additional information regarding these sources below.

Spray Finishes46

Many of our favorite finishes are available in spray cans. See what you need to keep on hand.

The spray finishes in this article can be found at most woodworking stores, hardware stores, and home improvement centers. The handy spray gun grip is made by Rust-Oleum (7899). You can find it at most home improvement centers or wherever Rust-Oleum products are sold.

Q & A48

Web Frames50

Behind the scenes, these simple frames are hard at work keeping a chest of drawers strong.

Final Details52