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Table of Contents

Tips & Techniques4

Variable Speed Routers8

This great feature will open up a whole new world of routing possibilities.

Top Picks in Table Saw Accessories10

Take a look at a few accessories that will help you get the most from your table saw.

Installing Side-Mount Drawer Slides14

Install them right the first time.

Using Pocket Hole Joinery16

Take your pocket hole jig beyond face frames to a few applications you never thought of.

Creating Decorative Blanks18

Candle Holders20

"How'd you do that?" We'll show you the secret to making these laminated candle holders.

Glass-Top Coffee Table22

This glass-top coffee table features basic joinery and adds the bonus of extra storage.

Online Extras

  • Glass-Top Coffee Table
    A refined look, handy storage and simple tongue and groove joinery all come together in a project that will be a pleasure to build and use.

The hardware required for the glass-top coffee table is pretty bare bones. From Rockler, I ordered four corner brackets (#24281), a package of 2" hangerbolts (#24455), a package of wing nuts (#61358) and a package of ¾"-dia. nylon glides (#24232) for the bottoms of the legs. The ribbon-figured (quartered) mahogany I used on the top panels was ordered from Certainly Wood. Their number is listed below. And when you’re ready for the glass, give your local supplier a call. Be sure to have them polish and ease the edges.

Shop Notebook30

Curved-Front Wall Cabinet32

Don't let this project throw you a curve. You'll learn just how easy it is to build a curved drawer and doors.

Online Extras

  • Curved-Front Wall Cabinet
    If making curved doors has you over a barrel, try taking a look at the coopered door technique we used to build this unique wall cabinet.

Space-Saving Router Tables42

Four router table options that won't take up any extra floor space in your shop.

Online Extras

  • Fold-Away Router Table
    When shop space is scarce, a temporary workstation may be the best answer. That's why we like this idea for a portable router table top that you can quickly attach to the edge of your workbench, and then tuck away in storage when not in use.

5 Tools That Will Change Your Work44

Find out which tools can really make a big difference in your shop.

A Never-Fail Finish46

Nothing beats an oil and wax finish for looks and ease of application.

Q & A48

Solid-Wood Frame & Panel50

Learn what it takes to build long-lasting projects using solid wood.

Final Details52