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Table of Contents

Tips & Techniques4

Routing Flawless Rabbets8

Learn the techniques and choose the best bit to get crisp rabbets every time.

Why You Need a Doweling Jig12

Find out how a doweling jig can add accuracy to your hand-drilling tasks.

Installing Brass Screws14

Take a look at a few secrets we've found for drilling and driving brass screws.

Low Bookcase16

Take a sheet of plywood, add a few frames, and you'll end up with one great-looking project.

  • Page 76: Online Extra - Optional Change of Face
    The caption for the third piece of art on the bottom of the first page ("How to make a bullnose and cove moldings") is incorrect. The caption states that the 1/2" cove bit should be raised 5/8" above the router table. But this is impossible since the workpiece is only 5/8"-thick. The caption should say that a 1/2" cove is routed along both edges of the workpiece, leaving a 1/8"-wide shoulder.

Shop Notebook28

Morris Chair30

We've taken the difficulty out of building this classic Craftsman-style chair without taking away its great looks and comfort.

Finish information: The stain was a Sherwin Williams custom blend, reference number S64XXN5256-4340. If your local Sherwin Williams store can't do it, contact the Des Moines store at 515-280-3365 and ask if they can ship it out.

Craftsman Ottoman40

Build the perfect companion to the Morris chair.

Online Extras

Working With Plywood42

These simple tips make working with plywood a breeze -- no matter what size shop you have.

Top Layout Tool -- Pencils44

A look at the first tool you reach for in your shop.

Old-Fashioned Finishes46

A look at a few, traditional methods for getting an authentic, Craftsman-style color.

Q & A48

Secrets to a Perfect Mortises50

A mallet, a chisel, and a few simple steps are all it takes to create a top-notch mortise.

Final Details52