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Tips & Techniques4

Buying Veneer8

Not sure what to expect when mail-ordering veneer? Learn how to get what you want.

Routing Dovetails10

We'll show you what to look for in a dovetail jig and some tips on getting perfect-fitting joints.

Working with Glass14

A few tools and some proven techniques take the mystery out of cutting and shaping glass.

You can find the basic glass-cutting tools shown in the article on page 14 at hardware and home improvement stores. The carbide oil cutter (SC- 3) and the glass-breaking pliers (4112-pro) were ordered from the Stained Glass Web-Mart.

No-Miter Picture Frames16

These stylish frames feature simple joinery and won't take a lot of time or materials.

Online Extras

  • No-Miter Picture Frames
    Sometimes a quick and easy project can be just as enjoyable to build as one that's large and complicated. Maybe it's because you can make something that looks good without a huge investment in time or materials. That's the case with these picture frames.

The no-miter picture frames go together easily in just a few hours. And the bonus is that all the supplies needed (hangers, turn buttons, screws, and glass) can be found at a local hardware or home improvement store.

Corner Media Cabinet20

Make the most of your corners. This corner media cabinet holds a large-screen TV but doesn't take up the whole room in the process.

Online Extras

  • Corner Media Cabinet
    It seems to me that TVs are getting bigger by the day. But unfortunately, the space we have to put them in doesn't grow along with them. So what's the answer? How about this corner media cabinet. It's designed to fit into the corner of a room while still giving you plenty of space to hold a big screen TV and all the extras that go with it.
  • Corner Media Cabinet: Upper Cabinet
    Building the upper cabinet is pretty much a repeat of what you did on the lower cabinet. It's taller, so some of the dimensions will change, but the joinery and techniques are the same.
  • Traditional Corner Cabinet
    It never fails to amaze me. Making just a few changes to a project can completely change the look. The "traditional" corner cabinet you see in the drawing is a good example.

Almost all of the hardware you need to build the corner media cabinet can be ordered from Lee Valley. To install the doors, you’ll need two pair of 2" nickel-plated no-mortise hinges (#00H51.32) and two 232mm stainless steel bar handles (#01W83.13). To keep the doors closed, I picked up two 3/8"-dia. rare-earth magnets (#99K32.03), two 1/2" O.D. magnet cups (#99K32.52), and two 1/2" O.D. magnet washers (99K32.62). And the final items from Lee Valley are the five aluminum legs (00S81.40).

You’ll have to go to Rockler to get the nickel-plated shelf-support pins (#22773).

A glass store should be able to help you with the reeded glass (mine was 3/16" thick with the reeds on 1/2" centers). I paid a little extra and had the glass cut so that the reeded pattern was centered in my pieces.

Shop Notebook28

  • Page 29: Template detail drawing
    The measurement from the bottom edge up to the second line is printed as 6 1/8" but it should be 5 7/8".
  • Page 28: Template Detail drawing in left margin
    The width of this piece can't be 4-5/8" if the width of the assembled jig is about 5-1/2", as shown in the main drawing (also on page 28). The width of the template should be 5-1/2" as well.

Tip and Turn Table30

There's no mistaking the classic look of this table. Its standout features include striking veneer, a "birdcage" mechanism, and a pedestal base.

  • Page 34: Third illustration.
    Two incorrect measurements. The distance from the end to the first dado printed as 5 1/4" but should be 4 3/4"; the distance from the end to the second dado printed as 6 1/8" but should be 5 5/8". (Image corrected for bound volumes.)
  • Page 1: Materials List (Online Extra)
    Column (B) should be listed as 3-1/2" wide instead of 3-7/16". Note for readers: The measurement falls out of the process for making the column on page 34. The beveling shown in the center drawing should be made so the 1-3/4" measurement is centered over the opening, i.e the centerline of the blank. This ensures a symmetrical blank and hole.
  • Page 1: Materials List (Online Extra)
    In the cutting diagram, part letters H, I, J should be changed to to G, H, and I respectively to match up with the materials list. Note: The version currently available on is correct.

Online Extras

  • Tip and Turn Table
    When you see this table for the first time, it's hard to know where to focus your attention. Between the figured veneer of the top, the graceful curves of the legs, and the six-sided column, there are plenty of things to catch your eye.
  • Making the Round, Solid Table Top

To mount the table top to the birdcage, I used a pair of 2" no-mortise hinges (#28688) that were ordered from Rockler. The spring-loaded table catch from Horton Brasses (H-43) holds the top down when the table is in use but then allows you to quickly release it and tip it up for easy storage. The small spindles for the birdcage mechanism can be purchased from Rockler (#21360).

You’ll need a couple more items. The mahogany crotch veneer I applied to the top of the table came from Certainly Wood. Their number is listed at right. And finally, I used a classical bead and cove bit from Amana (#54108) to make the molding for the top.

Router Table Joinery40

We tried out some joinery bits with great results.

The router bits featured in the article starting on page 40 were all purchased at the Woodsmith Store. The lock miter bit that I tried out is made by Freud (#99-035) The box joint bit (#53610), the adjustable finger joint bit (#55392), and the glue joint bit (#55388) are all from Amana. All the bits have a 1/2"-dia. shank.

Task Lighting42

Five inexpensive lamps that shed new light on your shop and woodworking projects.

Perfect Pieces on the Table Saw44

Accurate, consistent results everytime.

Mixing Your Own Stain46

Can't find the perfect wood stain color? Learn to mix your own and get the color you want.

Q & A48

A Tapered Sliding Dovetail50

We'll show you why we used this unique, locking joint on the tip and turn table and how you can put it to use in your projects.

Final Details52