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Table of Contents

Tips & Techniques4

Sanding without Sandpaper8

Try these sandpaper alternatives for smoothing curves and other detailed profiles.

Hardwood Plywood10

The inside story on what goes into plywood and how to choose what's right for your project.

Using Wood Fillers12

Mistakes. Everyone makes them, but you can make them disappear with wood filler.

Drilling Square Holes14

One-step mortising. Find out how to get great results with hollow chisel mortising systems.

Mortising Table16

This table and a mortising kit turns your drill press into a precision joint-making machine.

  • Page 17: Exploded view
    The size of the carriage bolt and star knob was printed as 15/16" but it should be 5/16".

Perfect Chamfers with a Router24

Master this hand-held router technique for crisp, tearout-free edges every time.

Craftsman-Style Futon Sofa Bed26

A router template and unique hardware are all it takes to go from sitting to sleeping.

  • Page 29: Exploded view
    Two measurements are missing from the lower right side of the drawing. There are drill holes in the legs of the piece; the lower one is 5 7/8" up from the bottom, and the upper one is 8 3/8" up from the bottom.
  • Page 29: Exploded view, detail a
    Clarification: It may not be clear that the detail view of the top section shows the orientation of the leg (A) and stretcher (G) for the back right leg and the front left leg. The other two legs are mirror images with the same dimensions.
  • Page 30: Exploded view, detail c
    The drawing indicates that the leg piece H is 3 1/2" long, but it should be 3".

Shop Notebook32

High-Style Tall Chest34

Dovetailed drawers and highly figured veneer make this chest stand out.

  • Page 38: Exploded view, detail a
    On piece J - Side Front Stile, the depth of the groove is printed as 3/4" but it should be 1/2".

Finish information: The stain used on this project consisted of 1 part J.E. Moser Cherry Amber Maple dye (water-based) in 1 quart of warm water. It was finished with wiping varnish. Note: We actually recommend using an oil stain rather than the water-based option noted. It was difficult to get consistent results without blotching with the water-based dye. We re-did several parts of project to get everything right.

Taming Those Wild Veneers44

Highly figured veneers turn an ordinary project into a classic showpiece. We'll share proven techniques for great-looking results.

Workshop Wood Storage46

Simple strategies you can use to get your lumber and sheet goods under control.

Lacquer and a Brush48

A sprayed on lacquer finish without a spray gun -- we'll show you how.

Q & A50

Final Details52