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Table of Contents

Talking Shop2

Tips & Techniques3

Contemporary Oak Table4

Building a Table Top6

A Chair Built Of Oak8

  • Page 8: Storage Pedestal
    The diagram for pieces A, B, and C says you need a board 1 1/16" x 3 1/2" - 72" but it should be 1 1/16" x 5 1/2" - 72"
  • Page 9: Instructions for Mortises in Legs
    The first sentence tells you to cut a notch in the front and back legs, but it does not say the depth. It should say to cut a 1/4" deep notch.

Wedged Mortise and Tenon12

End-Grain Box Top13

Shop Storage Box14

Table Saw Techniques15

Radial Saw Techniques16