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Tips & Techniques4

Adjustable Dado Jig6

Finally, an easy-to-build jig that turns your hand-held router into a quick and accurate tool for cutting dadoes.

Country Pine Cupboard8

Build this simple country project with three table saw joinery techniques that you can use again and again.

The pine cupboard on page 8 requires only a few, simple hardware items. The satinnickel, no-mortise hinges came from Rockler (#54533). And I found the matching knob (Amerock BP1443- g10), the catch and the shelf supports locally.

Antique Milk Paint Finish14

Turn a project from new to antique in a short weekend. Our shop secrets show you how to give a cabinet "instant age."

The milk paint that I used on the pine cupboard was made by The Old Fashioned Milk Paint Co. You can call the company or visit their website listed at right to find a local dealer. Or it can be purchased through The Woodsmith Store.

Classic Computer Cabinet16

Keep your hi-tech equipment contained in this two-part home office hideaway with its wrap-around doors and tons of storage.

  • Page 20: Figure 6
    Width of piece M Printer Tray Top printed as 20 1/4" but should be 21 1/4".

All of the hardware for the computer cabinet is available from Rockler and we've listed the part numbers.

LOWER CABINET. You'll need two pairs of black, fullextension drawer slides — one 16" (#89682) and one 20" (#89707). The 270°Aximat hinges used on the doors worked great. You'll need two pairs in black (#57506). And also a 11/2" x 36" piano hinge (#19283) for the front of keyboard drawer. I chose a couple of 11/4" rubbed-bronze knobs to go on the doors (#43131). The metal turn buttons (#27912), grommet vents (#32064) and the Flexigrommet (#35555) are the only other items.

UPPER CABINET. For the upper cabinet I used some of the same hardware. You'll need two pair of the Aximat hinges and a couple knobs. And again you'll need metal turn buttons, grommet vents and a large Flexigrommet.

CD CASE. I picked out a 3" rubbed-bronze cup pull (#43114) for the drawer. Woodsmith Project Supplies is offering a kit that includes all of the hardware needed to build the desk, the upper cabinet and two CD cases. All you'll need to provide is the lumber. See the box below for information on how to order the hardware kit.

Upper Cabinet23

Top off the cabinet with a hutch that sports the same joinery and fine details. And it's big enough to "hide" a 21-inch monitor.

Bonus Project: CD Case24

Reclaim your desk space. This simple case keeps CDs in their place.

Shop Notes25

Nine-Drawer Dresser26

This great-looking dresser features basic plywood construction and contrasting colors. Plus there's an optional base and top.

Online Extras

  • Optional Top and Base
    This optional top and base give the dresser a slightly more traditional look. I added a few more "curves" and didn't use the dark cherry dye on the knobs, base, and top.

For the dresser, you'll only need some screws and a couple of other hardware items. The 11/4"-dia. cherry pulls (No. K92UC) and the 11/4"-long screws (No. S14) to install them came from Grand River Wood Products. The plastic stem bumpers (#28373) are from Rockler.

The J. E. Moser's Aniline Dye I used on the top, knobs, and base of the dresser is available from Woodworker's Supply.

Arched Rail and Stile Mirror34

You can build this elegant five-board mirror in a weekend.

The most important item you'll need to buy is an 1/8"-thick mirror cut to fit the rabbeted frame. An easy way to get a good fit on the mirror is to cut the hardboard backer to fit the frame (not too tight) and then take it to your local glass shop as a pattern. A cardboard pattern would also work.

The easy-to-use flush-mount hangers (#29975) and the metal turn buttons (#27912) are from Rockler.

Final Details36