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Table of Contents

Tips & Techniques4

Making Leg Blanks6

A great-looking table leg starts with the right leg blank. We'll show you how to make the best blank without any hassle.

Cutting and Shaping Table Legs8

Table legs don't always have to be straight. Shaped legs can add a little flair and you'll be surprised at how easy they are to make.

Hall Table10

This cherry and curly maple veneer hall table looks like it might take some pretty sophisticated woodworking. But don't be fooled. It's just straightforward joinery and a couple special techniques.

The hardware needed to build the hall table doesn't amount to much. You just need a handful of steel table top fasteners and the screws to mount them. If you can't find the table top fasteners locally, they can be ordered from Rockler (#34215) or one of the other sources listed.

VENEER. The beautiful curly maple veneer I used on the table was purchased from Certainly Wood — a company that specializes in cabinet-grade veneers. They were very helpful in supplying the size and quality of veneer that I needed for this project. Their number is listed at right as well as a couple other good sources for veneer.

ROUTER BIT. To make the flared legs for the hall table you'll need a 2" flush trim router bit like the one pictured. This size bit really shouldn't be too hard to find. I used an Amana bit (#47126) that was purchased from the Woodsmith Store. Several of the sources listed at right carry a similar bit that will do the job for you.

Adjustable Mortising Jig18

Build a jig that can handle just about any mortising job you have. Plus, we'll give you some handy tips to get the most from it.

To build the mortising jig, you'll need some pretty common hardware and a few special items. The screws, washers, T-nuts, and flange bolts can be found at any hardware or home improvement store. The aluminum T-track and the studded knobs are a little tougher to find.

I bought the T-track at the Woodsmith Store, but there are other sources listed at right. Just make sure that what you buy is the right size (3/4" x 3/8").

The studded knobs came from Rockler. They stock a good selection of parts like those needed for the mortising jig. Another good source for specialty hardware is Reid Tool Supply.

Shop Notes23

Classic Oak Plant Stand24

Featuring a simple joinery technique, this classic-looking plant stand comes in two sizes. It's a perfect weekend project.

The plant stand is another simple hardware project. All you'll need are a few of the same steel table top fasteners mentioned above for the hall table.

TILE. You'll also need to purchase one or more ceramic tiles for the top of the stand. The tile I used was sold as 8" square although it actually measured about 713/16" square. The finished sizes of ceramic tile can vary quite a bit, so you probably want to have the tile purchased before you start to build. This way you can adjust the top to fit the tile. I found my tile at a home improvement store, but you could also try a flooring or ceramic tile store.

Shooting Board28

Tight miters are no longer a problem with this jig and a plane.

Tips for Sanding Success30

Get the most out of your sanding time with these basic guidelines.

The Secret to Wipe-on Finishes32

Confused about wipe-on finishes? Learn what you need to know to pick the right finish and apply it like a pro.

Low-Angle Spokeshave34

This redesigned hand tool can help you smooth out the curves.

The low-angle spokeshave featured in the article on the facing page is made by Veritas Tools — a division of Lee Valley. I bought mine from Woodcraft, but you can also purchase it directly from Lee Valley.

Final Details36