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Tips & Techniques4

Cherry Console6

Straight, clean lines give this console a contemporary look. But don't let the simple appearance fool you. With its frame and panel assemblies, open shelves, and "framed" drawer fronts, there's plenty of woodworking that goes into this project.

  • Page 8: Detail drawing of end stiles on left edge of page
    The measurement 3/8" appears but in all cases it should be 1/2".
  • Page 8: Figure 2
    The measurement 3/8" appears but in all cases it should be 1/2".
  • Page 8: Figure 3
    The measurement 3/8" appears but in all cases it should be 1/2".
  • Page 13: Figure 14
    The measurement from the edge of the drawer for the ring knob is shown to be 7" on the drawer front. The correct measurement is 4".

Building the cherry console won't set you back much for hardware and supplies. The only items you'll need are a couple of knobs, a package of plastic stem bumper glides, and a few shelf-support pins. I ordered a pair of 11/4"- dia. bronzed "ring" knobs (02W11.12) from Lee Valley for the drawers, but you might be able to find some locally. The plastic stem bumper glides (#28373) and the 1/4" brass shelf-support pins (#30437) were both ordered from Rockler.

KREG JIG. If you'd like to try pocket hole joinery on the face frame, I'd recommend a Kreg Jig. The Rocket Jig that I used is pretty inexpensive. It can be purchased from several of the sources listed at right. Or visit the Kreg Tool web site. Cherry Console on the web

CHERRY STAIN. The Jel'd Stain and the Zar cherry stain used to make Woodsmith's cherry stain are available at many paint, hardware, and home improvement stores. If you can't find a local retailer, you can call the phone numbers listed or check the web sites for dealer information.

Shop Notes15

When To Stain Cherry16

Most woodworkers appreciate the rich, dark color of "aged" cherry. The question is -- are you willing to wait for it to happen naturally or are you going to help it along a little?

Craftsman Wall Shelf18

Quartersawn oak, and mortise and tenon joinery with a few classic details thrown in -- this shelf is the perfect project for you to build in a weekend or two.

Online Extras

Besides wood screws, the only hardware you'll need for the Craftsman wall shelf is a set of shelf hangers. I ordered two sets of interlocking "extra-thin flush mounts" (#29975) from Rockler, and they really worked out well.

Dado Blades22

Get an upclose look at dado blades and learn how this important table saw accessory can improve your woodworking. Plus, find out which type of dado blade is the best value for your money.

Shop-Made Beaded Panels26

An ordinary bit and a router table are all it takes to make custom beaded boards for the storage bench. But don't stop there. This great detail can be used to dress up a lot of other projects too.

Beaded-Panel Storage Bench28

Here's a project that throws the traditional mortise and tenon joint a few curves -- but it won't throw you. The construction is straightforward, and we'll walk you through each detail of this unique bench step-by-step.

  • Page 35: Sources
    The router bit sourced from MLCS should be part number 6430, not the 6431 as originally printed. The 6430 bit is the proper 3/16"-radius bit used in the article on page 28 and in the technique article on page 26.

The storage bench just takes a couple of common hardware items. I ordered a 48" long brass piano hinge (#19374) and a pair (left and right) of curved friction lid supports (#25619 & #25627) from Rockler, but you might find both these items available locally.

ROUTER BIT. You'll also need a special router bit to make the beaded paneling. A standard type beading bit will only cut a bead along the edge of a board. So I had to order the 3/16" point cutting round-over bit (#6431) shown in the photo above from

MLCS. BEADED BOARD. I built the storage bench from ash and couldn't find any pre-made bead board to match. But if you use another wood for the bench (oak or pine) this might not be a problem. And if you'd like to try the painted paneling option, just visit your local home improvement or lumber store to see what's available. I found both individual primed MDF "beaded boards" and sheets of 1/4" beaded paneling.

Final Details36