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Table of Contents

Tips & Techniques4

Convertible Coffee Table6

This beautiful coffee table converts from a traditional cofee table to one that's at a comfortable height for dining or doing homework. The secret is a unique lift mechanism that's built into its base.

Shop Notes16

Outdoor Lanterns18

Here's a DIY project that will really put your home (and your woodworking skills) in a good light. And it's easy to make a whole set with our tips for cutting multiple parts quickly and accurately.

Dadoes and Grooves24

Cut a sloppy-fitting dado or groove? Never again. Here are the secrets and strategies for dead-on accuracy -- regardless of whether you're working with solid wood or plywood.

Display Cabinet28

Display your favorite collection or store your fine tools Either way, this cabinet is a great solution. Plus, there are several options so you can make its design the perfect fit for your home.

Online Extras

Storing Hand Tools34

Want to maximize every inch of your tool cabinet? Here's how we adapted the display cabinet for use in the shop, as well as some of the custom tool holders we came up with to hang the tools.

Final Details36