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Tips & Techniques4

Craftsman-Style Cabinet6

Like many other Craftsman projects, this cabinet looks great and is full of practical storage space. And the wide variety of woodworking techniques will provide just the right challenge.

Finish information: The project was stained with a mix of 1 pint General Finishes Special Walnut and 2 pints General Finishes Golden Oak.

Five Drawer Installation Tips13

You've got the drawer built, now what? Here are five shop-tested tips for installing drawers. Learn the secrets to installing metal slides properly, getting an inset drawer flush with the face of a cabinet, and positioning a false front quickly and accurately.

Shop Notes16

Arts & Crafts Clock18

Whether you build one for yourself or several to give away as gifts, this handsome timepiece doesn't require much wood or hardware. It's a great reason to spend a few hours in the shop.

Barrister's CD Cases22

This miniature version of a barrister's bookcase works just like the full-sized originals. The sections easily stack on top of each other. And the doors flip up and slide out of the way for easy access.

Clamp Storage28

Some scrap plywood and an afternoon in the shop are all you need to get your clamps organized. And this storage "system" can grow as you buy more clamps. Plus, check out our mobile clamp caddy.

  • Page 31: Figure 6, detail a
    Dado depth shown as 3/8" but it should be 1/4".
  • Page 31: Figure 6, detail b
    Dado depth shown as 3/8" but it should be 1/4".

Ten Drill Press Tips32

Are you ready to make your work at the drill press quicker, more accurate, and more versatile? Here are ten of our favorite tips that will help you do just that.

Online Extras

  • Bit Speed Chart
    To really get the most out of your drill press (and to use it safely), it's important to run the bits at the proper speed. Here we offer a drill press speed chart.

Final Details36