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Tips & Techniques4

Sectional Entertainment Center6

Since one size rarely fits all, this attractive entertainment center is designed as three separate units. You can build just one section, or all three -- whatever you need for your TV and accessories. We even give you plans for adding optional glass doors.

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  • Sectional Entertainment Center Options
    When designing the Sectional Entertainment Center in issue No. 136, we decided to use hard maple, as you can see in the photo above. But we could've just as easily chosen another type of wood to build it out of.

Finish information: The piece was finished with four coats of General Finishes' "One-Step".

Pocket Hole Joinery18

Looking for a joinery method that's fast, strong, and straightforward? Pocket holes just may be the answer. In this article, we'll guide you through setting up and using a pocket hole jig and give you some clever tips for getting the best results.

Tile-Top Table22

Dimensional lumber and pocket hole construction allow you to build this project in a weekend. A ceramic tile that's inset in the top of the table provides a durable surface with a dash of color.

  • Page 22: Materials, Supplies & Cutting Diagram
    Clarification: The materials list indicates #6 x 1 1/2" screws. 1 1/4" screws are generally standard for 3/4" material, but for this project, 1 1/2" will work. The longer screws can provide some extra thread/holding power in the cedar used for the table.

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  • Four Tile Table
    By changing a few of the parts, the tile-top table featured in Woodsmith No. 136 can be converted into a larger four-tile table.

Shop Notes25

Folding Bench26

A clever design and strong, but lightweight, construction make this folding bench perfect for taking along on trips or outings. Weather-resistant lumber and hardware also make it ideal for the garden.

  • Page 30: Long leg pattern illustration
    Degree indication on left edge of drawing should be 28.5 degrees, not 20 degrees as printed.

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  • Folding Chair
    By changing the length of the slats, the folding bench featured in Woodsmith No. 136 can be built as a folding chair.
  • Folding Bench Patterns
    Most outdoor benches are big and heavy. And as a result, they stay outdoors, in one place, year round, suffering through whatever the weather dishes out. But this bench was made to be light, yet sturdy. With just a quick pull on the handle in the back of the seat, the bench folds up, so you can easily pick it up and move it. And when the bench is folded, it’s easier to store when the season is over.

Garden Lattice Screens32

Built with dimensional lumber and basic joinery, this weekend project is like a room divider for your backyard. Fasten together as many of these lattice screens as you like to create an intimate outdoor setting or to hide an unattractive view.

Final Details36