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Table of Contents

Tips & Techniques4

Barrister's Bookcase6

They may look like a single unit, but these bookcases are made up of individual sections that simply stack on top of each other. It's a flexible design that can be modified and configured in a number of ways and can even "grow" with your library.

Shop Notes16

Spice Cabinet18

With its moldings and arched frame and panel doors, this little cabinet looks like a piece of fine furniture sitting on your kitchen counter. To maximize the storage space, the front half of the cabinet is actually a couple of boxes attached to the back of the doors.

Finish information: We used our cherry stain consisting of 2 parts Zar Cherry and 1 part Woodkote Cherry Jel'd Stain.

Choosing & Using Glues26

Flip through a few woodworking catalogs and you'll find more glues available now than ever before. Is there one "all-purpose" adhesive? Or do you need to fill your shelves with different types? We help you get to the bottom of this sticky subject.

Online Extras

  • Glue Application Chart
    If you have a hard time getting information about glue to stick, you can download a handy reference chart that sums up the types of glues, what kinds of projects to use them on, their characteristics, and more.

Paper Towel Dispenser30

Sure this is a great project for the kitchen, but it will also help you "build" your woodworking skills through mortise and tenon joint. They're not as hard as they sound, and we'll walk through everything you need to know.

Final Details36