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Table of Contents

Tips & Techniques4

Two-Drawer Dressing Mirror6

Designed to sit on top of a dresser, this mirror is handy for checking your make-up or straightening your tie. And it features two small drawers in the base which are great for storage.

To build the dressing mirror on page 6, you’ll need a mirror with an arched top. (Ours was 1/4"-thick with a 1"-wide bevel.) I purchased this from a glass shop after building the frame. (I even brought in the hardboard backer board that was made to fit the rabbet.)

In addition to the mirror, you’ll need a pair of mirror swivel hinges, two 3/4"-dia. porcelain knobs, brass turnbuttons, 3/4"-dia. felt dots, and a handful of woodscrews. Similar swivel hinges and porcelain knobs are available from the mail order sources.

Shop Notes14

Tabletop TV Stand16

Here's a TV stand with a different "spin." The top of this stand is fastened to a Lazy Susan so it swivels. And the compartment beneath the top is a perfect place to hold a VCR.

Finish information: The project was stained with Bartley's Country Maple Gel Stain and finished with three coats of Royal.

Scroll-Sawn Bookends20

Whether you have a collection of dimestore paperbacks or a leather-bound set of fine literature classics, these scroll-sawn bookends will make a fitting addition to your "library."

Working with Brass24

Working with brass isn't much different than working with wood. It's "soft" enough to be machined with carbide-tipped woodworking tools -- provided you follow the helpful hints and tips found in this article.

Scroll-Sawn Jewelry Box26

At first glance, the sides of this elegant jewelry box look to be hand-carved. But you won't need any carving tools. We'll show you how to make the panels with a scroll saw.

  • Page 32: Instructions for Lid Frame
    The first sentence under "Lid Frame" says to rip 3/8" thick stock to 1" wide, but it should be 1 1/8" wide.

Final Details36