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Tips & Techniques4

Two-Drawer Dressing Mirror6

Designed to sit on top of a dresser, this mirror is handy for checking your make-up or straightening your tie. And it features two small drawers in the base which are great for storage.

To build the dressing mirror on page 6, you’ll need a mirror with an arched top. (Ours was 1/4"-thick with a 1"-wide bevel.) I purchased this from a glass shop after building the frame. (I even brought in the hardboard backer board that was made to fit the rabbet.)

In addition to the mirror, you’ll need a pair of mirror swivel hinges, two 3/4"-dia. porcelain knobs, brass turnbuttons, 3/4"-dia. felt dots, and a handful of woodscrews. Similar swivel hinges and porcelain knobs are available from the mail order sources.

Shop Notes14

Tabletop TV Stand16

Here's a TV stand with a different "spin." The top of this stand is fastened to a Lazy Susan so it swivels. And the compartment beneath the top is a perfect place to hold a VCR.

Finish information: The project was stained with Bartley's Country Maple Gel Stain and finished with three coats of Royal.

Scroll-Sawn Bookends20

Whether you have a collection of dimestore paperbacks or a leather-bound set of fine literature classics, these scroll-sawn bookends will make a fitting addition to your "library."

Online Extras

  • Bookend Scroll Patterns
    When it came to designing the scroll saw patterns for these bookends, I had a couple ideas but needed some help putting them on paper. So I asked one of our Senior Illustrators if he would take a shot at turning my ideas into workable scroll saw patterns.

Working with Brass24

Working with brass isn't much different than working with wood. It's "soft" enough to be machined with carbide-tipped woodworking tools -- provided you follow the helpful hints and tips found in this article.

Scroll-Sawn Jewelry Box26

At first glance, the sides of this elegant jewelry box look to be hand-carved. But you won't need any carving tools. We'll show you how to make the panels with a scroll saw.

  • Page 32: Instructions for Lid Frame
    The first sentence under "Lid Frame" says to rip 3/8" thick stock to 1" wide, but it should be 1 1/8" wide.

Online Extras

  • Jewelry Box Scroll Patterns
    Carved boxes always intrigue me. It's not what's inside -- it's the small details and the craftsmanship that make them irresistible. There are two different scroll saw designs you can choose for the box.

Final Details36