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Tips & Techniques4

Country Harvest Table6

Breadboard ends, tapered legs, and solid pine construction give this harvest table a "country" look. But a handy storage drawer at each end makes it practical as well.

Shop Notes16


Instead of "loafing" around this weekend, how about building this breadboard? It doesn't require much in the way of time or materials. And maybe you'll even get a warm loaf of fresh-baked bread out of the deal.

Breadboard Ends20

Here's a closer look at a traditional woodworking technique. Although they've been used for generations, breadboard ends are still one of the best ways to keep a wide panel flat.

Tool Tote22

A removable bin on each end makes this tool tote "expandable" so you'll have plenty of space for tools and hardware. And when you get back to your shop, the bins come off for use in your bench.

Wall-Mounted Organizer28

Gracefully-curved sides and a coved drawer front make this organizer attractive as well as practical. And while it doesn't take up much space, it can hold a lot of "clutter."

Finish information: We stained the project with a mix of 3 parts Zar Cherry and 1 part Woodcote Jel'd Stain Cherry. We finished with three coats of Royal.

Combination Square32

A combination square is like a trusted old friend. Just when you think you know all its screts, you learn something new that makes it even more useful and valued.

Final Details36