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Table of Contents

Tips & Techniques4

Bow-Front End Table6

The drawers on this formal project really stand out, but they're not the only woodworking challenge here. The fluted legs, beaded edging and glass-smooth finish also deserve a closer look.

Finish information: The project finished with three coats of Behlen Rockhard Tabletop Varnish on the legs and sides, and six coats on top and then the finished was rubbed out.

Bow-Front Drawers16

You might expect bow-front drawers to be difficult to make. But cutting the curves on the front pieces is no big deal. And our procedure makes it easy to join the curved fronts to the straight sides.

Shop Notes18

Picture Frame Moldings20

With a few router bits and some scraps of wood, you can come up with a vareity of moldings for framing pictures. Here are six examples you can build in a few hours.

Picture-Perfect Miters24

Every woodworker knows what miters are -- and how frustrating it can be to cut them accurately. Here's how we end up with picture-perfect miters, from accurate setups on your table saw to tips for fitting and clamping a mitered frame together.

Hardware Storage System28

Inside the vertical drawers of this system, there are small, shop-made bins that rest on adjustable shelves. What you end up with is a lot of room for storage without taking up much shelf space.

Reader's Jig34

Final Details36