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Tips & Techniques4

Mantle Clock6

Despite its complex profile, the top of this clock was made with built-up moldings and a handful of ordinary router bits. (You probably have most of them in your shop already.)

Firewood Carrier14

This firewood carrier is extremely strong and durable but also lightweight. The secret is in the bent lamination construction, which takes advantage of the natural strength of the wood.

  • Page 15: Instructions for Ripping Thin Strips
    Final paragraph refers reader to page 26 for details on auxiliary fence and push block but it should be page 27.

Bent Lamination18

You don't have to be Superman to bend wood. All you need is a shop-made bending form, some clamps and a bottle of glue. The secret is to start out with thin, flexible strips of wood.

Coat Rack22

Looking for a place to hang your hat? Try this nifty coat rack on for size. It features simple, curved "hooks," which are a great opportunity to try your hand at bent lamination.

  • Page 24: Figure 5
    The illustration shows the roundover being on top, but it should be on the bottom.

Shop Notes26

Spice Rack28

Although it doesn't take much time or wood, this spice rack involves a variety of techniques -- from resawing to cutting lap dovetails. They're a good choice for joining a rail with a frame or leg, and they look great as well.

Finish information: The rack was stained with a mix of 3 parts Zar Cherry and 1 part Woodcote Jel'd Stain Cherry, and finished with two coats of General Finishes' Royal Finish.

Lap Dovetails32

Lap dovetails are a little bit different than your ordinary dovetail joint. They're a good choice for joining a rail with a frame or leg, and they look great as well.

Resawing Lumber34

Need some thin stock for your next project? You don't need to own a thickness planer to get it. We'll show you how to use your table saw to safely resaw lumber into thin stock.

Final Details36