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Tips & Techniques4

Buffet Server6

This buffet is an attractive addition to any dining room, but it is very practical as well. Besides all its storage space, the top of the buffet folds out to create a large surface for serving.

Soss Hinges16

You can't see any hinges on the top of the buffet server -- until the wings have been folded out. That's because we used some special hardware, called Soss hinges. In this article, we show you how to accurately install these hidden hinges step-by-step.

Magazine Rack18

This magazine rack doesn't require much time to build -- we used ordinary mortise and tenon joints to hold it together. And you'll appreciate how its open design keeps your magazines right at hand.

Shop Notes22

Holiday Centerpiece24

This cheerful centerpiece will be a favorite for years to come. And if you want to add to its appeal, we've included an optional base with a musical movement that plays a holiday melody as the tree rotates.

  • Page 29: Supplies
    The quantity of round wood beads should be 48, not 40 as printed.

Desk Set30

This desk set has two pieces: A catch-all box featuring a lid that holds those handy yellow notepads. And a taller box for pens, pencils, and letter openers. Both components feature square pegs and curved caps and can be built in a weekend.

Talking Shop34

Final Details36