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Table of Contents

Tips & Techniques4

Modular Cabinets6

The idea behind these wall cabinets is to allow you to customize the size and arrangement of any number of standardized units. Plus, you can choose between glass or wood paneled doors.

Knock-down Hardware14

There's nothing tricky about working with knock-down hardware. The secret to making this process quick and accurate is careful layout and a couple shop-built jigs.

Shop Notes16

  • Page 16: Figure 1, detail a
    Position of hole to be drilled shown as 1/2" from right edge, but should be 9/16".

CD Storage Case18

What I wanted was a traditional-looking project to store my favorite compact disc. But I didn't want to use plastic CD holders, so I designed this case with a unique holding system.

  • Page 19: Text for divider installation
    The paragraph under Divider Installation is cut off. The sentence should read: "Then mark the mounting hole locations, drill 1/8" diameter mounting holes, and install the dividers; see Fig. 5a."

Talking Shop23

Photo Box24

This weekend project is a simple storage box for 3x5 (and 4x6) photos. To open and close the box, the lid makes use of sliding dovetails. And it also doubles as a photo frame.

  • Page 24: Exploded view detail a.
    Top curve radius of divider (E) printed as 7" but should be 3".

Router Bit Cabinet28

This storage cabinet features a Plexiglas panel, which allows you to see the bits. But what really attracts your attention are the dovetail keys at the corners of the cabinet.

  • Page 31: Figure 8
    The Stile (D) should be 13 1/2" long, not the 13" shown in order to match the size of the case.

Dovetail Key Joinery32

Dovetail keys are a great way to strengthen a miter joint. Plus, they're easy to make. All you need is a shop-made jig and a router.

Reader's Jig34

Final Details36