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Table of Contents

Tips & Techniques4

Roll-top Desk6

Classic shape. Simple design. Both come together to make this roll-top desk a rewarding project that's easy to build.

  • Page 7: Materials List
    Length measurements for three pieces are incorrect: Item L Lift Rail printed as 1/2 x 1 3/4 – 40 1/2 but should be 1/2 x 1 3/4 - 40 3/8. Item M Tambour Slat printed as 5/16 x 3/4 - 40 ½ but should be 5/16 x 3/4 - 40 3/8. Item N Rail Support Strip printed as ¼ x ½ - 40 but should be 1/4 x 1/2 – 39 7/8.
  • Page 10: Figure 8, detail a
    Top right measurement originally printed as 3 3/4" but should be 3 1/4".
  • Page 12: Tambour door, lift rail instructions .
    Rail length indicated as 40 1/2" but should be 40 3/8".
  • Page 12: Tambour door, cross-section illustration a.
    Cross-section illustration piece (N) mislabled as Rail Support Slat but should be Rail Support Strip. Also the length measurement should be 39 7/8".
  • Page 12: Cross-section illustration b.
    Piece (N) mislabeled as Rail Support Slat; should be Rail Support Strip.
  • Page 12: Instructions referring to rail support strip.
    Piece should be called a Rail Support Strip, not Slat. Length printed as 40" but should be 39 7/8".
  • Page 11: Figure 10
    The illustration shows the routing in the wrong direction.

Desk Organizer14

Slide this desk organizer into the roll-top desk Or build it as a separate unit that looks good from any angle. Either way, it helps organize all your writing materials.

  • Page 16: Figure 5, detail b.
    Back molding (F) measurement printed as 3/4" but it should be 1/2".

Shop Notes18

Building Tambours20

Understanding how a tambour door works takes the mystery out of building one. By using a few basic designs and changing the profile of the slats, you can build a tambour door to fit most any application.

Fretwork Picture Frame24

The intricate fretwork on this picture frame is only half the story. It's hinged to another frame that holds a standard 3x5 photograph. This freestanding frame makes a great weekend project.

Scroll Saw Techniques26

There's a trick or two to using a scroll saw to cut fretwork panels. We show you the best blades to use and how to reduce chipout so you don't spend a lot of time cleaning up the panel after it's cut out.

Extension Wing Router Table28

This router table replaces the extension wing on your table saw. Besides saving space, there's a unique fence system that attaches to the existing rip fence on your saw. It features a built-in storage compartment for router bits and a dust collection hook-up.

Reader's Jig34

Final Details36