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Table of Contents

Tips & Techniques4

Cherry Wardrobe6

How do you build a big project without becoming overwhelmed? Keep the design clean, the joinery simple, and work on it one section at a time. That's the concept behind this cherry wardrobe.

Drawing an Arc17

Anytime you need to create an arc, you have two problems: finding the centerpoint and drawing it. But a jig sent in by a reader solves both problems easily.

Cutting Board18

As a cutting board is exposed to water, the joint lines tend to split open. Our solution for this project was to "lock" the joints together with attractive butterfly-shaped legs.

Hardware Storage22

Here are two simple hardware storage systems: One organizes the hardware on your bench. The other is a handy tote for taking the hardware from the shop to the job.

Wood Drawer Guides26

Adding a drawer to a design requires more than just determining its size. It also has to slide in and out smoothly. Here are some design and building notes we put together on the two types of drawer guides used in this issue.

Shop Notes28

Drill Press Sanding Table30

This unique table, sent in by one of our readers, clamps to your drill press and uses a single insert that can handle up to six different size sanding drums.

Final Details32