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Finishing & Sanding

Sanding and finishing can become less tedious by using a few of these simple tricks.

Sander Boom Arm

This clever bench accessory takes a lot of the frustration out of sanding duties. Read More

Easy Aged Pumpkin Pine Finish

You don’t have to wait years to get the warm look of aged pine. With the right finishing techniques you … Read More

Woodworking Tip: Makeshift Sanding Station

Sanding small parts can be a pain. They're hard to hold while also managing a sander. Luckily, Phil shares a … Read More

Quick Tips Vol. 9

These tips will make sanding and shaping chores a lot easier. Read More

Shop-Made Wood Filler

To get a perfect wood filler match, it's best to go the source. Here's an easy way to make holes … Read More

Shop-Made Flap Sander

Sanding drums are great tools for smoothing curves. But for tight radii and small holes, there isn't a sanding drum … Read More

Custom Hardware Finishes

Here are three, simple recipes to transform the look of steel hardware. Read More

Curved Parts Sander

When your project throws you a curve this simple sander will knock it out of the park. Read More

Sanding Disc Storage Cabinet

A perfect way to corral the random orbit rodeo of supplies. Read More

Roller Bars for Finishing Shop Projects

This set of rollers make finish application a smooth process. Read More

Quick and Easy Finishing Station

With a scrap piece of pegboard and a handful of golf tees, you can quickly create a finishing platform for … Read More

Recycled Sanding Belt

This clever sanding block will give old sanding belts added life in your shop. Read More

Great Color With Water-Based Dyes

This easy-to-use product is the secret to achieving a rich, vibrant, and natural-looking color on your next project. Read More

Spraying Water-Based Finish

This unbeatable finishing combination guarantees top-notch results with an absolute minimum of time and effort. Read More

Working With Workbench Grippers

Find out how these handy accessories make everyday shop tasks go a little more smoothly. Read More