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Finishing & Sanding

Sanding and finishing can become less tedious by using a few of these simple tricks.

Custom Hardware Finishes

Here are three, simple recipes to transform the look of steel hardware. Read More

Curved Parts Sander

When your project throws you a curve this simple sander will knock it out of the park. Read More

Sanding Disc Storage Cabinet

A perfect way to corral the random orbit rodeo of supplies. Read More

Roller Bars for Finishing Shop Projects

This set of rollers make finish application a smooth process. Read More

Quick and Easy Finishing Station

With a scrap piece of pegboard and a handful of golf tees, you can quickly create a finishing platform for … Read More

Recycled Sanding Belt

This clever sanding block will give old sanding belts added life in your shop. Read More

Spraying Water-Based Finish

This unbeatable finishing combination guarantees top-notch results with an absolute minimum of time and effort. Read More

Working With Workbench Grippers

Find out how these handy accessories make everyday shop tasks go a little more smoothly. Read More

Choosing A Belt Sander

Here are the key features and capabilities to look for when it’s time to buy or upgrade this essential shop … Read More

Rubbing Out A High-Gloss Finish

Getting a professional-quality, mirror finish is just a matter of using the right fi nishing products, techniques, and a little … Read More

A Close Look At Sandpaper

The key to choosing the right sandpaper is matching the type of abrasive to the task at hand. Read More

Brush Care Basics: Cleaning A Brush

With just a little effort, you can ensure that your fi nishing brushes are always at their best. Read More

Using Penetrating Oil Finishes

A perfect balance between ease of application, appearance, and protection makes penetrating oil a standby for many woodworkers. Read More

Better Color With Glazes

Deeper, richer, more natural color on your project — that’s the big benefit offered by the simple technique of glazing. Read More

4 Easy Steps For Perfect Surface Prep

One of the keys to a top-notch fi nish is to start with a well-prepared “canvas.” I stick to a … Read More