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Finishing & Sanding

Sanding and finishing can become less tedious by using a few of these simple tricks.

Sandpaper Storage

A tidy way to keep track of custom cut sandpaper. All it takes is some scraps from the lumber rack. Read More

Narrow Sanding Block

My regular sanding block is too big to sand rabbets and other narrow areas without the block tipping and rounding … Read More

Board Supports

With a handful of screws and wood scraps you can make these handy holders that aid in finishing parts of … Read More

Cutting Sandpaper

A handy way to cut your sheets of sandpaper to the exact size you need. Removing the guesswork saves time … Read More

Repairing Veneer

All it takes to replace damaged or missing veneer is a simple template and this step-by-step technique. Read More

Bench Pads

These simple shop-made pads are handy to have in the shop. By adding some shelf liner material and dowels to … Read More

Double-Sided Sanding Block

A sanding block made from a sanding belt gives you more bang for your buck. Having two surfaces to work … Read More

Brush Care

With just a little effort, you can ensure that your finishing brushes are always at their best. Not only will … Read More

Large Sanding Block

An oversized sanding block is handy to have around the shop. This simple design gives you a sanding block employs … Read More

Drying Rack for Shelves

This simple setup will save you loads of space when applying finish to shelves and project parts. The best part … Read More

Sanding Block Upgrade

Another use for random orbit sanding discs. A handy round block sander for shop use. Read More

Starter Kit for Smooth Surfaces

All it takes to get perfect, smooth surfaces is this set of low-cost, low-tech sanding supplies. Read More

Varnish Made Easy

Looking for an easy-to-apply finish? A gel varnish will give you a traditional look in a short time. Read More

Flawless Coverups

Learn some simple solutions for getting better-looking projects with wood fillers. Read More

Dust Port Adapter

Connecting power tools to a dust collector or a shop vacuum can be a challenge if the port doesn't match … Read More