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Finishing & Sanding

Sanding and finishing can become less tedious by using a few of these simple tricks.

Roller Bars for Finishing Shop Projects

This set of rollers make finish application a smooth process. Read More

Quick and Easy Finishing Station

With a scrap piece of pegboard and a handful of golf tees, you can quickly create a finishing platform for … Read More

Recycled Sanding Belt

This clever sanding block will give old sanding belts added life in your shop. Read More

Sandpaper Cutting Board

Here's a quick way to accurately cut to size sandpaper. It can be set up for any sheet size you … Read More

Mind Your Beeswax

Wax is one of the oldest and easiest to use finishes. Woodworker and beekeeper, Logan Wittmer, shares how he puts … Read More

Tougher Sanding Strips

Sometimes sanding strips are the easiest way to smooth out curved surfaces. But, sanding strips cut from standard sandpaper can … Read More

Sandpaper Storage

A tidy way to keep track of custom cut sandpaper. All it takes is some scraps from the lumber rack. Read More

Narrow Sanding Block

My regular sanding block is too big to sand rabbets and other narrow areas without the block tipping and rounding … Read More

Finishing Turntable

Easily getting to all sides of a project is a must for getting small projects completed. This easy-to-build project rotates … Read More

Thrifty Finishing Points

Raising a project off the bench top while applying a finish keeps the project from sticking and allows you to … Read More

Checking for Misfires

In the middle of assembling a project, you may run out of nails and not know it. An air nailer … Read More

Board Supports

With a handful of screws and wood scraps you can make these handy holders that aid in finishing parts of … Read More

Chamfer Guide

A disc sander makes quick work of creating a chamfer. What's challenging is making consistently sized chamfers. This simple jig … Read More

Cutting Sandpaper

A handy way to cut your sheets of sandpaper to the exact size you need. Removing the guesswork saves time … Read More

Sanding Block

A hand sanding block is an essential tool for creating a surface that's ready for finish. Take a look at … Read More